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  1. i didnt think NFR work was allowed to be posted forgive if im mistaken
  2. ^^^^^ you may want to remove that image from the quote !
  3. DUh but i belive it still needs to have the NSFW tag /rollseyes
  4. one that comes with the theme almost bsommer you might want to put NSFW on that
  5. no trouble at all it happens take your time
  6. WRONG i have stuffit installed for opening .sit files lol guess what ERROR is still there
  7. its just the folder icons that bugging out :/ yes ive scanner for virus spayware and defraged to make sure its not on my end here is the strange thing ive never had trouble unpacking any other icons :/ with the mac folder and DS_store file in them ! C:Documents and SettingsFactionDesktopEkisho_pngs.zip: Cannot create Ekisho (PNGs)The IconsFolders (Graphite) .DS_Store The system cannot find the path specified. ! C:Documents and SettingsFactionDesktopEkisho_pngs.zip: Cannot create __MACOSXEkisho (PNGs)The IconsFolders (Graphite) ._.DS_Store The system cannot fi
  8. anyone that got a Png package to unzip please upload them someplace or send them to Omnis @ woh. rr .com
  9. these get the zip file updated yet i really want to run these on my system
  10. i still get the same error with the windows extraction tool
  11. wow they look lovely ! edit i cant get the Folders (Graphite) to extract im using winrar
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