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  1. Looks great Timan! Take your time, anything is better than the default crap. This is obviously a complex skin and I think that we would all rather it be the best possible than rushing it out.
  2. Transmission is the best torrent app by far. Here is a link to "nightly" development versions with much more features: http://transmission.xpjets.com/
  3. Just uncheck the "Use custom background" checkbox in Messages preferences...
  4. That looks pretty nice, good job.
  5. They didn't even release the final version of Safari for Mac OS X Tiger yet, so I'd assume the Windows version would come sometime after that.
  6. The new Interface Builder icon is awesome, love that one.
  7. Get the entry level 2ghz white one. It's fine for webdesign and stuff, really I doubt that .16ghz makes much of a difference. I've got the 2ghz one (last years model though) and it can run Photoshop just fine. Instead load it up with 2GB of RAM or something and it'll be perfect. Just buy the RAM from another dealer like NewEgg.com or something. RAM is more important than GHZ.
  8. I got an iPhone, thing is freaking amazing. I'll take some pictures later today hopefully, I just need to get my digital camera back. Was browsing Aqua-Soft on it earlier (pic above is mine), loads real fast and is very nice. This is gonna sell millions, even for the non-believers and haters as soon as they try a demo unit I think it'll be an impulse buy right there. My dad was a big skeptic and he just bought a phone a month or two ago and he's thinking of terminating his contract to get an iPhone after he played around with it.
  9. Logitech Z-5500 speakers (5.1). Awesome set for the price. I mostly just use my built-in laptop speakers though.
  10. what icon is that (for your hard drive) in your desktop pic? the black cube shaped one. i don't see it in that icon set.
  11. Parallels is great with XP. I'm running it on a MacBook w/ 2GB RAM and it's nice and fast and I love Coherence mode too. A lot more convenient then having to reboot. You can drag and drop files between both OS's as well.
  12. HandBrake is the best by far if you're on a mac... simple, fast, etc..
  13. My main computer is a MacBook... 13" and 1280x1024
  14. It's a nice way to see all forum activity right as it's happening (new posts and new threads). The idea is to open the page and it gets automatically updated and there is the pause/play button there to start or stop the list from refreshing.
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