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  1. if i wasnt so high right now id post a step by step on how to mod the new one so it works, ill do it in the morn if no one else has replyed
  2. you guys obviously havent seen this... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....light=finderbar
  3. i enjoy it quite a bit minus the font choice
  4. ezralite, obviously i didnt know that, or i wouldnt of asked. geez lighten up on a guy.:slant:
  5. yes it is milk by hills and yes its firefox 1.0 *note; i modded my own tabbrowser extentions (latest version)
  6. last of the month, with a fresh format :cool:
  7. ive always wanted that adium contact list, i envy it in every mac screenshot i see
  8. castroman you must 'import' it with stylebuilder, then open the .SB file it makes. from there you can edit anything you want.
  9. i cannot wait for this release...
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