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  1. That's some great search results. There's only two posts related: One kid calls another a "dumbass" for not deleting the folder from the program files, which immediately makes it look like a very unreliable source of info. The other is of the author himself, which was quite unclear to me. Forgive me for not going through pages and pages of discussions to figure out what was suppose to be a trivial function of the app.
  2. Thank you kind sir. This is a nice dock. Please excuse my indulgence of overlooking the discussion of installing.
  3. So, how do I uninstall this; Xwindows Dock doesn't appear in the list. Is it under another name? Help an old god get a piece of mind. By Panta: moved. Next time look at the forum and use the right thread for asking for help; help an old moderator get peace of mind! :slant:
  4. And 'Me' was unavailable all morning, and now it's limping. "Active Stink", Apple?
  5. Yeah, works great. Shazam and Remote are awesome.
  6. Thanks for the 360 man. It totally rocks. MS, your next near goal is to make it the only platform.
  7. Hey bh2, contrasutra and nc, hows it going you guys? yeah, it's been a while...
  8. Whoa, I can't write "wH0RE"? ah.. timmy.
  9. The question of the topic should be re-instated; Isn't Vista too much? The effects are spilling all over the place. They are beautiful, but all that glow and ultra fluff overloads both physically and visually. There's no point to compare the rendering of the text and how much of it is just blue links. And as for who copies from who: If people let their memory slip away, you ought to check out WWDC summer 2006 and be blown away by how much MS is copying Apple, much outside the software. Apple broke out with the gloss way back since the earliest versions of Mac OS X. Before anyone have *****d
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