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  1. The least appealing feature for me with the current AveDesk is that when I set Defauly Desklet properties, I am unable to set different settings for desklets and icons. It'd be great if we could have one setting for desklets and one for icons. So for example, I could say, "use shadow, use labels, etc" for icons and have "no shadow, no labels, etc" for desklets. if this is hard to make, maybe you could have the option to select "configuration 1" and "configuration 2" that you could just apply. The other thing I dislike is when deleting an icon (say something i downloaded on my desktop), i can
  2. Thanks Chris! Everything is great. The only thing I'm concerned about is that you used my battery system tray icon without my permission, and while that's okay by me, I'd just like some credit since even though it's a small contribution, the icons are all custom-made and it took me a looong time to do. Thanks again for the pack. Works great. -UNI0N Jack
  3. thanks! this is probably a dumb question but umm... how do you get the icons on the left side to be so big?
  4. now i need to see that last picture. please post it so i can see what the fuss is about
  5. thanks. great musician. my only complaint is the writing on it. i really dislike any sort of writing on wallpapers, even if it's the slightest.
  6. Are there any other MP3 players that can play video? I have to say, at first I thought "holy crap. this ipod is great" but then I read that it's basically just quicktime files and itunes stuff and I have no desire to just watch two TV shows on my iPod. I want my Seinfeld episodes and my DVDs ripped onto it. Oh, and how about finally creating an ipod to car utility first, apple? that's more important to me than anything else because even though i love my 4G iPod, i'm not buying any other iPod for a LOONG time. i bought it to play music and it does just that. so go back and focus on music, and
  7. guys dont buy a new ipod just yet. rumour has it they're releasing the next ipod in about 5 weeks, and this one has the ability to please you sexually... true story.
  8. I don't think this is iPod 5G. They haven't said it. Has anyone else noticed that they phased out the mini? That's right, no more iPod mini. I don't think that's cool. I own a 20gb iPod, but I think the mini is still damn cool.
  9. perfect. now to actually get people to create skins for WB again...
  10. wow ok. so that is a really cool feature. i just hope it doesn't need a crazy fast computer.
  11. WOW! that is friggin incredible!!! How is it on the system? IE. is it using a lot of resources or not so much? Also, so, how does this work? Will icons stop showing up in the taskbar, or will they just show in both? Is there an option to remove them from the taskbar?
  12. Ohhhh sounds great, Chris! Great to see you're still around. In terms of user input, I think I can add my two cents: While every flyakite has been better than it's predecessor, I'm finding more and more than they all "feel" the same. What I mean by that is that most of the improvements are on the technical side of things and not so much on the visual side. To me, flyakite can't get any more stable (it's perfect as-is), but I would still love to see more improvements on the visual side of things. I'm not very tech-savvy so I don't know if the following can be done or not, but I will say it any
  13. Hey, I'm really sorry if this has been mentioned before but I've been gone a long while and there are WAYY too many posts. I was wondering if it was possible to use the old skin in 2.6 or if we're stuck with the darker new skin. Thanks!
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