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  1. thanks did that but the text isnt still as smooth? any ideas how to enhance the smoothness ala crni?
  2. sorry if this has been asked before, but i haven't found an answer. please someone help mee as you can see crni's synergy skin has a background, but mine doesn't, even on a light background its not there, and the text is ugly and not smooth like crni's. anyone know why this is? any help would Be VERY VERY much appreciated. using Samurize 1.62 and crni's v8 cd covers. THANK YOU!!!
  3. hey anyone can help me figure out why the text on the contact list isnt as smooth as the one on danimators screenshot? mines a bit bolder and uglier.
  4. crni, all ur ob work is friggin magnificent.. all the black milk, the rhapsodized and now this.. everything is so awesome.. (Y) we want this!
  5. this is truly a god-sent. Thanks so much playboy.. awesome work.. Port to wb4?
  6. Throbbers for IE .. i think it was SteFanKa who gave em :canadian: Throbbers.zip
  7. YAY! Danimator is answering wat i was praying for! an ibar port to wb4! :naughty: thank you (Y) awesome skin btw..
  8. awesome work :rule: there is a beta by dan out: http://www.deviantart.com/view/3741853/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/3741954/ just saw it under his profile
  9. i had the "my contacts" thing.. but its pretty easy to make it disappear.. i think its there first because its a default plug in.. so if you disable any other plug ins you have like "my stuff" it should disappear.. because there has to be a definition to where all the plug ins can be seen..
  10. woww :bow: this skin is sooo awesome.. i love its design.. thanks for it dude
  11. yeah nah.. its not necessary that easy yknow? the simplicity is what i really like bout this piece the whole composition itself is pretty nice and put togther. plus the color adds a wicked dimension of contrast to my desktop :rule: thanks for it
  12. ooooooooooooooooo i luv it awesome job... but its kinda a collage huh? same thing for what i did for my sig
  13. does it really look good? dunno wasnt made by me man
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