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  1. I'm nice, I've got a few Demonoid invites for you. First.... go here. http://www.Demonoid.com/register.php?with_invite=1 And type in one of theese... saodeltdzlsb yi107qya79m 1ju6vat9c Enjoy it everyone! Once you get it, share! It's barley monitored, but try to keep a good ratio. Who ever get them, just tell!
  2. I really like it, but where can I find ittt!?
  3. Whoops, sorry. Yeah, I've got a mac. it's a real dock. Ill try what you said nightcrawler thanks!
  4. Well, I've changed my dock around a lot. I made it totally clear, and now I want it back. I've tried a few programs, but the "back-up" docks don't work. If anyone has a backup of the default, I'd be very grateful. thanks!
  5. blakduki, I really like your background. Where'd you get it?
  6. Positive. Why'd you guys think it's a PC?
  7. What program is used to do this? http://jego.corruptspace.com/pics/screen1.jpg //Oversized image linked. Read the Board Rules regarding image size. --NC I want the tabs like on the far right, please. thanks
  8. Love it. Excenent wall. I've got my whole computer with a christmas theme at the moment, and this looks great with it.
  9. Wonderful wallpaper. Just set it as mine. Maybe some more like this...?
  10. I'm only 14, and I used to loveeee all theese shows when I was younger too. 'D you guys remember "What Would You Do?" That show was the bestttt. A lot of theese shows are on a clasic Nick channel too. Maybe it's GAS. About the photo, you might be able to do something with theese.. (Just some options) Heres the DD theme song..http://www.nick.com/all_nick/gas/watch/sho...ddare_theme.wav
  11. Would anyone be interested in an Aqua Soft photo contest? I'm willing to help organize it and be semi-incharge. Would anyone be intertested in being in the contest? There would be a different theme each month so it's not boring. I dont really have a prize, so you guys can think of that. As a small prize, you could put something like "WInner of May 2005 Photo Contest" with a gold, silver, or bronze medal next to it in your signiture. WInner would be decided by you sending your picture to me then I would upload them all into a small gallery on my site then you can vote for your favorite i
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