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  1. back when i was using win xp .. i loved the themes available in LogonStudio to change my logon screen.. recently updated to Windows 7 and now it seems even LogonStudio has trouble customizing the logon screen.. well now it only changes the wallpaper but the interface remains the same(i mean the box where u click to log in and input passwords/switch users etc..) tried searching the net but couldnt find much.. so am i stuck with just changing the logon screen background only and have the standard default win 7 logon interface ?
  2. haha... i just learn how to use skinstudio.. dont mind my stupidity.. will let u know if i get it right...
  3. so where do i see the dimension points ? and what i meant by a wider taskbar is that without resizing the taskbar edge.. the default 1 line taskbar... the format Windowblinds covers is in tga format... doesnt support transparency...
  4. my modded taskbar startbutton seems to have it's top and bottom cropped out a bit and it seems the original taskbar(original skin settings) is too slim.. how can i make my taskbar wider ? and also since i edited the original taskbarstartbutton, it seems to follow the original contours/shape... how can i fix that ? (can be seen in the preview below.. with the dark patch on the left side and on the top right of the start button which is oval shape. What i want is to eliminate those dark black patch.. )
  5. I want my Removable USB drive folders to look frm this(currently using iVista icons so my folder icons may not look the same as urs) To this (Each folder looking different frm each other) Customizin folder inside PC/Desktop is easy. But how to do it in removable media ? I tried doing this but didnt work as well.(see below) =========================================== 1.made a folder in desktop.(folder Apz) 2.customized it and changed the folder icon. 3.copied the folder and the icon library file into removable media 4.changed the desktop.ini file as sh
  6. i myself have been trying to modify the shell32.dll for quite some time but everytime it gives me some kind of error when i replace it... i have tried replacing the shell32.dll frm these locations -> (icon group or bitmap no 4 for the thumbnail) using RESHACKER c:windowssystem32 (shell32_original.dll used by another explorer ?) c:windowssystem32dllcache there is also and shell32_original.dll in the system32 folder.. i tried moddin it with no results... can someone explain to me how to modify it .. pls...
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