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  1. Thank You RocknGothAlien! The localized version is uploaded to the main site: http://landvermesser.tripod.com/MacSearch.html
  2. Yes, the Finderbar is freesource - you can edit the code and add new features. But the name "Finderbar" and my name as first developer must be saved. Thank you.
  3. You can decompile the executable file with help of exe2ahk.exe (find it here: www.autohotkey.com) with password 12345, than translate it and compile the app again.
  4. No. The project Finderbar is closed. Sorry. I have not the time for it.
  5. No. No. Sorry. You can add only schortcuts to folders. Yes. Make your Quick Launch toolbar visible, make it longer as Finderbars window and deaktivate "Hide Taskbar" in "View Options" Yes, activate "Not Use Hotkeys" in preferences. The Finderbar can not make screenshots, I think. Make this two files manually (see info abowe) and restart the prog.
  6. The Finderbar is not skinnable with themes. It uses msstyles.
  7. to tarlak: I think that is bad background.png. Delete two background files in Finderbar's folder and try to create new with right click and "Skin it!" Please give more details or attach the screenshot.
  8. Probably the Finderbars window (main menu bar) is located incorrectly. Try to make your taskbar greater (half of the screen, it is possible), are you see the bar now? OK, i make the new release with custom menu position (will be to set in the ini-file)
  9. The tip with "about:Finderbar" is too old and not usable with actual version 1.5 anyway. Try to restore Windows state older as the date of Object Bars installation. I don't know which changes makes OB by installation, sorry.
  10. :slant: Don't know what speak "no named" anti-virus, my Active Virus Shield by Kaspersky and AOL says: No treats detected. 29.06.2007 12:14:21 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5AU3_Spy.exe ok iChecker 29.06.2007 12:14:21 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5background.png ok scanned 29.06.2007 12:14:21 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5background_pressed.png ok scanned 29.06.2007 12:14:21 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5eraserd.exe packed UPX 29.06.2007 12:14:22 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5eraserd.exe/UPX ok scanned 29.06.2007 12:14:22 File: C:ProgrammeFinderbar 1.5eraserd.exe ok scanned 29.06.
  11. Hmmm.... The "Skin it" work perfect by me. --------- PS. The executable shows "version 1.4.3" and not "version 1.5" - my mistake. It will be changed soon.
  12. The version 1.5 is ready to download. Some new commands are added. Now you have access to menus of target window and be able to code plug-ins (test phase) Help and Menu Editor are updated too. Welcome. 8-)
  13. hmmm.... No, it is all right... may be Finderbar not full support non standard national letters? It is not full Unicode app. Sorry my question, is it not simply captured old background? If not, try to workaround it: Make the task panel less long as main Finderbar window (or make main window longer, see in ini file), simply add new empty panel left of Finderbar (without showing of panel name), now the task panel will be always below main Finderbars window, than make two screenshots with "Skin it!" feature and then manually edit both PNGs - remove task panel. Not elegant, I know, but...
  14. Sorry, I have forget to put this file into package. Here is it (see attach) AU3_Spy.zip
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