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  1. Yes, I used that HUD mod I saw over at another website. It has an installer but sadly no uninstaller. So I followed the modder's instructions since he provided the old files to revert it back but still gets the damn sound noise. I noticed too that even I get past the login window, when I immediately open any window (System Prefs, Safari, Mail, Adium.. any window) When getting the window active by clicking on it, it gives me the darn Funk loop sound again! It's getting frustrating already
  2. I'm using OS X Leopard 10.5.2. I don't know when did this occur but nowadays when I get to the login screen, even without moving the mouse or hitting anything on the keyboard, there's this annoying sound (the "Funk" sound on the System Prefs) that goes on and on and on, as if an inactive window is selected thus creates the Funk sound. I tried using ****tail app to clean everything but no success. I even tried inserting my Leopard installer DVD and fixed permissions (although nothing to fix) and still I get the repetitive annoying sound each and every time. I thought it was because of some pre
  3. Where can I get those circle menubar icons (twitter, the checkmark etc)?
  4. Thank you Wiki Masta! Your votes really mean a lot to me!
  5. Thank you for the kind words, Mac Intosh! Thanks for voting, too.
  6. Yeah. The circle x with a green arrow pointing south. Can anyone extract that icon from the installer? I don't know how to do (or get) it. Thank you.
  7. I really wish Maxthemes update his milk for Leopard
  8. Can I embed SWF inside CSS so it will appear on my page? I'm thinking of trying this example: div { background: [someflash.swf] } Will this work or is there a way?
  9. Thanks much! Yeah I have taht img2icns app, nicholasheer, so I can use it and try out the suggestions.
  10. Oops! I'm sorry for not clearing it up, it's a Mac I want to customize.
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