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  1. And a fine hello to you too, NC. How ya been keeping yourself then? Any hijinks I should know about?
  2. Mid-2002, although I signed up here later in the year.
  3. I never left, NC. I stick my head in from time to time, check out the big releases etc. I checked that control panel you mentioned, but no luck there. XP seemed to get it into its head that it was running WMP10, even though I had uninstalled 11. Luckily this little event coincided with the big barrel full o' issues that my computer has been having, so I just decided to do a quick reformat. WMP seems to be running OK now, although I haven't used it much yet. Thanks for your help, as always
  4. Simon

    HDDVue (Beta)

    Very nice work, should be a great application. All I can think of for suggestions is being able to change the bar - would something like a pie-chart be possible? Instead of a rectangular bar filing up?
  5. Whilst trying to update to Windows Media Player 11, I've come across a hugely annoying error. During the installation, it flat out crashes, and my computer restarts without warning. The install process seems to be going to fine and it gets past 'Installing Windows Media Format Runtime', but as soon as it starts with the next step my PC restarts. I have no idea what is causing this, so I'm looking to completely remove Windows Media Player from my computer and simply start again - reinstalling from a clean base. Is there a tool, or anyone with experience, that can help me remove Media Player
  6. Count me in on this one. I've been searching high and low for WMP11 skins and turned up nothing. Anyone with any info or links would be much appreciated
  7. AquaNet! Simonism! WHORSE!
  8. I just about remember you, I think. How long has it been since you last visited? Lots has changed around here
  9. That's an excellent plugin, thanks for the link!
  10. Care to share that wallpaper? I've been searching for one just like that for a while now - thanks!
  11. I must be the only person who thinks the Zune looks pretty damn good, and comes with a slick looking interface. If they can come up with the software solution to back it up, I may look at buying one when I can afford to replace this (rapidly failing) iPod.
  12. I'll probably dress up as myself. That's pretty terrifying by itself.
  13. Anybody had any luck with this? I've posted in the Multiplugin thread just in case; I've also tried changing the icon with RegEdit, but no luck there. Anybody got any ideas or advice?
  14. That Cerebro skin is hawt, great work
  15. I've already got a Wii and Zelda Twilight Princess on pre-order, and I'll be first in line to pick it up on Launch Day. Beyond that, though, I'll just see what's best when I have the money; I want to get a PS3 and 360 as well, but I'm sure as hell not paying £400 for a games console. But both have their good and bad points, and a good selection of games, so I'll just see what comes my way.
  16. Count me in as another person unable to change the damn tray icon. I've tried using eXeScope, but iTunes just fails to start. Any ideas?
  17. This is a bump of epic proportions, but starting a new topic would seem unnecessary. Anyway, this exeScope method stopped working for me as soon as the iTunes 7 came in. iTunes simply ceases to function (or produces an error) once modded in the new icon. Has anyone found another solution?
  18. I'll go: 1. Cake - The Distance 2. Radiohead - Ripcord 3. Jet - Get me Outta Here 4. Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down 5. The Beatles - Revolution 9 6. The Hives - Inspection Wise 1999 7. Metallica - The More I See 8. The Beatles - For No One 9. Richard Ashcoft - Keys to the World 10. Muse - Endlessly *patiently awaits flaming*
  19. All I can remember about Globox was him slagging off that BabyPapichulu's (did I spell that right?) website on his blog, and him complimenting me on my use of Base02 on something. Sorry Globox, wish I could remember more AQUANET! Oh, the good times eh NC? WHORSE!
  20. That's one hawt Miranda setup you've got there bsommer, care to share how you achieved that? I've seen that skin before, but what icons are you using?
  21. I think it's too late to worry about a case; I'm more worried about the battery, which gets worryingly hot
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