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  1. Nah, it's a real one..Thanks Evilmnky Yo shemeng..guess I should have explained it better system melted have fly a kite and windowblinds which do I install first, fly a kite or windowblinds....
  2. I can not remember which should be installed first, fak or windowblinds Or does it really matter? Thanks!!
  3. number 2 http://www.zshare.net/image/wallpaper-jpg-11e.html
  4. I didnt see any increase in system resource use of any consequence at all I am using v 5, not 5.01 and it seems very stable so far I have widgets running along with rklauncher
  5. I installed windowblinds this morning.. It rocks! Nuff said Cheers Amber
  6. @bh2: Purple fear!!! I love it!!
  7. Phoenixtorrent Final version Auqa 2006 - do you have this wall not as a screenshot? Thanks!
  8. @rissol: Gorgeous desk!!
  9. Jayro: That purple is gorgeous!!
  10. @mpukacz: Great wall there!! @bh:I love aqua night..has it been released?? @Phycopulse: great desk great desks all!!
  11. This will be excellent!! 1680x1050 ??
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