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  1. btw, is there no microsoft access on a mac? (that's part of my ms-office for a long time now) the mac style office document icons are pretty cool, but i can't change the icon of access databases right now... now is there an icon at all? or is someone creative enough to make one? tia ok, a little more precise: i mean the document type icon for mdb files. not the one of the application itself.
  2. i don't know if anyone in here does speak 'de' (it's german i think ), but i just found it in my user cp and found that it is actually more english than german. ok, not a great problem, but it is something that, i believe, was not supposed to be that way. right?
  3. why not upload it somewhere? i'd be interested in the .ico files... nospam-at-unclassified.de
  4. you said the patent expired this year? then read this: UPDATED GIF INFORMATION, 06/17/03: Many have asked whether gd will support creating GIF files again after June 20th, 2003, when the well-known Unisys LZW patent expires. Although this patent exires in the US soon, this patent does not expire for another year in the rest of the world. Since I have no way of limiting distribution of GIF-creating code to US users only, I have opted to follow the same policy that the ImageMagick authors are following: GIF creation will not reappear in gd until the patent expires world-wide on July 7th, 2004.
  5. oh, thanks for the info... i didn't know about that filter property.
  6. hmm, IE can't display the alpha transparency of PNGs, that's right so far. but single color transparency is no problem. as it's not for Mozilla and opera. i prefer PNGs ober GIFs as they seem to be even little smaller (500B instead of 2k or so) and GIF needs some patent licence to display, I've read several times. for example, the GD library (used on some webservers) can't handle GIFs any more, but they added PNG support instead, aso. OK, if you need animation, GIF is the only chance to do so, but as I see all those blinking smilies on the left here... I must say, I'm not that fan of animation
  7. hmm, thanks for this tip so far... now i could write me some little tool that displays that cute sound icon (I'll find for sure in some of your nice screenshots again) in the tray and has the same functionality as the windows' one. but i actually wanted to know if someone did that before? not that it would be a programming problem for me (i already did some of those tray tools) but it'll take a while again... and why do things twice and even more often? btw, as we're in the tray right now... i wrote me a little battery tray icon, and now i want to get rid of windows xp's built-in one. no prob
  8. I've seen this sometimes now, it seems, everyone of you already has such a mac like volume tray icon on your system... Now I also want to have one Can someone please give me an URL where I can find it? TIA
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