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  1. Can anyone upload the PsychoSexy Packs?
  2. Trial version is free to try for 30 days.
  3. Im using xwd, tryed all the other docks out there, but none of them really sticked to me as xwd did.
  4. That's a minor bug. Just use skins that don't have an edge like Integrated Dock by Eiq2. The thing that bugs me a lot is the activity indicator since it's actually a useful feature and it's not discovering running processes really well.. or at all .
  5. Go to add file and find the control.exe, usually it's in C:WindowsSystem32. Then just change the icon and edit the caption.
  6. No dude, there's nothing there, look at this picture.
  7. I tried it, nothing happened. Using Firefox and Vista both with latest updates.
  8. http://fileho.com/download/407398770250/IconBook.rar.html
  9. ??? Cant you download some screenshot capture program? Dont you have any other image editing, viewing program on your comp to paste the clipboard image in and svae it?
  10. Ahh, good old Russian.. cant understand sh*t , but my CPU tells me that you probably need to register on their forum to download the theme for your М600 or W950.
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