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  1. Been a while since I visited here. Even managed to get a Mac meanwhile. So who's still here that I may remeber. I already saw LocalHost... Hey! Quazi.
  2. Have we really reached that point where we need to explain these jokes around here?...
  3. I don't know if this will help much but... It seems O'reilly has released a book with all kind of iTunes and iPod hacks. in it he describes a way to hack itunes resources. Now this hack he describes is for the MAC iTunes but I thought maybe it will give you programming geniouses some ideas... if not - then... well... I tried here's the link: Oreilly
  4. Unfortunately I still must use both... I ordinarely use firefox (since it is simply better than all the rest) but there are still some sites that are ONLY IE compatible (mostly my university sites which, obviously, I can't give up on)... How long would it take for these people to start making their sites FireFox compatible?.....
  5. ChiLam - what looks great?! Nothing was done yet....
  6. Thanks - was waiting on that.... ~ Quazimodo ~
  7. I'm surprised we have yet to see the "I don't pay for OD - I d/l WAREZ!! F$(%* l334 " and all those usual dumb-assed posts... ~ Quazimodo ~
  8. Hey Ave... First of all - GREAT JOB! Respect! Just one thinbg - I tried testing the quality (I remembered this being an issue in the Icon app): Moved an icon in there got a png and then moved the png in there and got the icon again. I compared the 2 icons sitting on my desktop and it seems the new one has rougher edges and all in all lost quality. Now this could be connected to the above mentioned issue with icon sizes - since I'm displaying 128 size icons on my desktop and maybe the widget is creating 192 size then the look gets distorted - but I don't know. Just thought I'd let you kno
  9. Sure just please add first and last name -- farty - sent --
  10. OK PEOPLE - I have 6 invites up for grabs.... Who's taking them? (DO NOT PM - JUST POST HERE) ~ Quazimodo ~ EDIT - OH and if anyone who asked for it gets an invite from somewhere else - please tell me before I send one to them and let it go to waste.... - EDIT
  11. Maybe someone has a SS of these so I can see if I have them (I have so many packages i don't know what they are anymore) ~ Quazimodo ~
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