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  1. My god... I 'm falling from my chair... Oh and btw you forgot to mention the integrated iSght...
  2. I sincerely hope this security upgrade will never happen... And to answer the question, yes I do have one and she has all the qualities one can expect from a girl
  3. The nano has just gone out a few weeks ago but Apple has just released a new model... The Elephant megapod! Let's hope it's not gonna cannibalize the sales of the nano Click me
  4. I would suggest Mauricio alias Mubach, he's doing a pretty decent job at MacThemes. He's strict enough to remove crap but nice enough not to scare ****ies and make them leave this community
  5. Oh my god , what a great job you're doing man... Coming to aqua soft and posting your crap, sorry your "usual" crap Like always man, irrelevant and useless posts.... if you think aqua soft is the place to get rid of your frustrations and complexes, you knocked on the wrong door... And as I said, don't post your garbage here, leave it in your house Now to come back on the subject, yes Apple restricts it hardware, i agree. But first of all, it has the right to do so and secondly, by assuming this computer is an iBook , I don't see why Microsoft would promote its OS using a computer that doee
  6. And I guess some people should maybe buy themselves a new pair of glasses... Why is that funny or pathetic or however you may want to call it? Because for those of you who do not know it, Windows is not supposed to run on an Apple computer. That's it. End of the chapter @rjohnstone: If you don't care, just skip the thread but don't post your garbage here. That's not the purpose of this thread, nobody forced you to post here
  7. That's bad news...I've just bought an additional 512 RAM from crucial and I planned to install it on my PB 15' 1.67GHZ in the next few days. Has anyone else tried to install some more RAM on their PBs? If yes, have you managed not to get these problems? Can some people testify this worked fine for them? I don't want to screw up my computer... Here is another link of people having the same problem... http://discussions.info.apple.com/[email protected]@.68ab7b77
  8. Haha, look at the following link , it's so funny, Microsoft makes the promotion of its new OS and guess which computer they use??? A Mac!!! it's an ibook... I've heard that they do that quite often, they take an apple computer and they remove the apple using Photoshop. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/confident.mspx
  9. hey man, that was quick! You asked to find out if there was some interest a couple of hours ago and the release is already there... Great job bud
  10. @Hobbes, very nice desk. By the way may I ask you which guikit you're using?
  11. I think Unbeliever will appear soon over here and he will not be very happy...
  12. Thank you! I've spent ages looking for this damn thing on the top of the music store page... Now I understand why I was not able to find it here.
  13. How the hell do you change the country of the music store? Is that a bug or did they include a feature that prevents you from changing the country? Are you experiencing the same problem? I was able to change it in iTunes 4.9 but now i can't anymore in the new version
  14. Unfortunately, I think brushed metal will be replaced by unified little by little... The release of the new iTunes shows that the change in the look of Mail was not an isolated thing, but ratgher the beginning of a whole process which aim is to bring a whole new interface to the Mac operating system
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