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  1. Link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/6507597/ great - as usual (Y)
  2. i registered two weeks ago and never received the verification-mail... :cry:
  3. did u resize anything in the dialogs or did u "only" replace some ressources? with changes in the dialog-sizing (like in StefanKa's SystemFiles), it's impossible to convert it correctly to another language, using batchmod. That's why i ask. HG
  4. great! someone will make a replacer-script? are there any resized dialogs or will batchmod (to german) work ? thx HG
  5. look DL @ DeviantArt edit: hmmm, i've been too slow
  6. replacerScript.txt is missing in your pack franziose don't want to replace them 'handish' can u please add this file? thx!
  7. thx Stefan & thx franziose (Y) (Y) (Y) edit: uhm, what about a mirror for the second DL of first posting? (the replacer-stuff)
  8. download still impossible can someone make up a mirror pls ? (talking about german files and appropriate replacer-script)
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