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  1. (Click here or the image above.) 45 icons in all, in ICNS and PNG format. Enjoy!
  2. Updated the set to include 2 new icons.
  3. Alrighty, so I found the bug in Valkyrie that was causing the weird interaction between Winamp and FindeXer and fixed it. I will be posting an updated build of Valkyrie later today that includes this fix. Thanks again alianyn for the help.
  4. Hmm, there does seem to be some weird interaction between your app (which is as much of an improvement to my windows install as AveDesk is) and my Valkyrie skin. When I had Winamp with Valkyrie loaded during the installation, I didn't get the FindeXer option in the Explorer menu. I closed Winamp, restarted Explorer, and there it was. Also, when Winamp is open (with Valkyrie), nothing happens when clicking on the shortcuts. Double-click opens the shortcut in a new Explorer instance. I really would like to know what's going on since it seems Valkyrie is causing FindeXer to malfunction. @firec
  5. Steam CS CS: S HL2 HL2: DM HL2: LC HL DOD DOD: S Sorry, just opened Steam up. The rest of the other ones I'd want have already been mentioned. Thanks for these btw. They're nice.
  6. I got some covers from dvdtown.com. Hope that helps. Sranshaft, great program you have here. I have my whole DVD collection on it now. Thanks for this.
  7. Beta 2 Winamp 5.04+ Required (Latest Winamp version recommended)
  8. Amazing. I simple can't wait until this is released. Great work as usual Ave.
  9. Wow, sounds like a great idea. Would love to have this running on my PC. Looking forward to its release.
  10. I know Samurize already does this but I prefer AveDesk over everything else. I'm just happy something similar is being worked on for AveDesk though.
  11. Ave, pcm: have you guys heard of Dashcode? It's a tool for OSX users that lets you develop Dashboard widgets rapidly using a WYSIWYG editor. It's being shipped with new MacBooks apparently. There's screenshots of it here. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Would be great to see something like this for AveDesk/AveScripter.
  12. AveDesk 2.0? I'd love to get my hands on it... :slant:
  13. Very nice. This thing is smooth. Hard choice between this and RKLauncher.
  14. Great desklet. I just wish there was a way to disable it when a fullscreen app is open (such as a game), since it comes up sometimes.
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