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  1. Haven't been here in over a year, I am just really bored at the office today. This was the place that got me into Photoshop, so I hold highly this site, and appreciate those that helped me when I used to customize my pc.
  2. Wow damn Mark you've certainly improved in imitating apple, except for the red MAIN MENU, the rest looked great. Best of luck in your future endevors
  3. damnn kick ass buddy
  4. Show me these $30 dollar hookers you speak of
  5. I didn't know you still made threads shmengie
  6. fasticon youre as crazy as shmengie
  7. Hey this is great bh2, here's a pint for ya!
  8. pretty cool, i'd be cool if you included a version without the lil flying man.
  9. Check out Adam Bett's open source PSDs : http://www.artofadambetts.com/weblog/?p=12
  10. Hey man, can you make it so that it let's you edit ICNS that go up to 512 pixels? I'd be eternally grateful
  11. @Ghostwalker : cool stuff man
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