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  1. This is how it looks with my current theme in Windows 11
  2. Representing the old OLD school over here. Hey guys. Tim (or whoever keeps hosting this), keeping this up in perpetuity?
  3. Popping in to say hi. I still load the page every few months to see if it is still around.
  4. As one of the original admins here, I certainly miss a lot about what we did back then. I moved on from all this, after learning more and more about UI, design, etc, into websites. I still dabble in Android mods, themes, and such, but most of that is done on the XDA forums. I am glad this forum is still here for posterity. It's a nice slice of history. Timan and Clockwork - CHIME IN!
  5. I still want to know what Mod that is for Windows Explorer that changes the sidebar to look more Finder-like (i.e. Place, Devices, etc)
  6. What are you using for Windows Explorer? i like the modifications to make it look a lot more like Finder.
  7. bh2, Thanks, I like it, too. Sucks I have to spend any time on a Windows machine. It's so ass backwards and stunted. There are absolutely no possible ways of inter-application connections like Mac OS atg all and that's so 1990's. For instance: Why do Contacts have to be seperate VCF files? Seems so counter-productive. I can't even tie in my Contacts to Thunderbird. Why? (that's just one OF MANY examples) I've been happy with the default Mac OS look/feel since making the change back 6 years ago. I've always been a stickler for the core GUI without any deviations because I think the desig
  8. This is seriously impressive: My Mac OS dock is on top. Windows dock on bottom. Using X-Windows dock 5.6 with my own Leopard theme using the real images from Leopard. You almost can't even tell them apart except for the square boxes on the far right next to Trash.
  9. Yeah, seems like it has. ObjectBar is still only usable in the 1.6 version. WindowBlinds sucks in Windows 7 and none of the old themes work worth a crap. The only thing I like is X-Windows Dock. Fairly solid app and, when configured properly, emulates Mac OS's Dock.app pretty nicely. What's scary is how a lot of the old apps still work (Address Book, About This Mac, etc) yet they look...SO BAD. That and it is a bitch finding them...even on this site. A few of gthe reasons we all used to theme/mod was for iTunes, Safari, and more. Most of them are now available for Windows - albeit in cr
  10. I'm pleased the site is still here and Timan is still "running things". Sadly, though, updates and new items seem a bit slow-ish. I'm really shocked to see some things have moved over to Windows, like Growl notifications. Never thought I would see the day. It's still sad you have to use plug-ins to make it work and some have to run in the tray which is counterproductive. With all the familiar things on this site, what I am not seeing are updated themes for ObjectBar or WindowBlinds. Has everyone stopped using these apps? Really impressed with XWindows Dock 5.6 - If only it had more
  11. Did these resources include the apple and the finder bar? If so, I'd like those.
  12. I use cleardock already. I just find it odd they aren't images. thanks for the paths
  13. I am trying to remember where in the OS the images are for the windows and dialogs. I have a feeling it is in the core services folder, but I am not having any luck finding them. It's been too long, I guess, since I had to look. Also, anyone know if the active app triangle on the dock is in those files? Spanks
  14. Not yet, sadly. Had to put the project on the back burner for a few days so I could complete a few websites for a client. If I had a PPC Mac this would work since the PPC disks install less than 1gb, but the Intel install is 1.4gb. BIG difference.
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