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  1. congrat Lou ... ill be getting mine tomorrow . hopefully 40gb, but 20gb is good enough for me.
  2. nevermind, i just called the Apple Store. and they got them. my mom said she was gonna get it for me, but shes working and my dad doesnt get home 'till after 9. and they close at 9. so my only chance now is, that my bro puts it on his credit card and my parents pay him back. wish me luck guys
  3. i had heard that the 4th gen ipods werent coming out 'till sometime in Aug. and i was thinking that, at the apple site. u can already order them and itll come in 2-3 bussiness days. so i take it i can go get mine at the apple store, later on today?
  4. yea, the iPod is a great thing. i had one of the 10GB. (1 week later the 15GB came out) but i returned it. i was working at this place, but only temp. and i had pretty much wasted all of my last paycheck and my girl wanted to go to Winter Formal. yea ... see ladies, the things we have to go through to make you happy. but its ok, im getting one of the new iPod's. hopefully 20GB (cuz i got about 13GB or music right now) so the 15 is just not going to cut it. ...but yea man. have fun with that thing, i know you will.
  5. well, heres my avatar and sig. avatar-by me: picture of the street infront of my house at night ... n photoshoped sig-by me w/ help of apple.com: i think we all recognize where its from. just photoshoped to my likes.
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