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  1. I have a real problem, and I didnt find a place to ask for exept here that we have friendship people and that understands; The problem is that I have a video thats compressed in .dks, and I dont know how to manage it. Its like an CD image.... Please help.
  2. How can I do a Link to F8 in the Rk Launcher just like in Tiger?
  3. Can somebody post the Dashboard bar icons here?
  4. Someone can give me the iDVD icon?
  5. Whats Microsoft Website? Do they have?
  6. I dont get it. Whats OD docklet?
  7. Tiger Out! Im buying my G5 dual 1.8..
  8. A minimize better effect. Or no effect because that one sucks...
  9. Can someone explain me how to get this shadows in font?
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