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  1. Reach down like you have a set and make a decision. What's with everyone wanting to be told it's ok to buy? Buy it dammit! If something newer comes along, that's life ... it happens.
  2. Good to see iTunes in ANY color hahaha. Nice, I like it.
  3. Quick pngs made with random modified images off the net. Nothing to write home about but at least you have an icon.
  4. That was not checked and all is beautiful again. Thank you sir
  5. Can someone please tell me what is going on with the text in the attached image? I'm getting this on selected text and buttons. I think it started after clicking the smoothing draged windows option (or something similar) in windowblinds options but after an ucheck it still looks this way. It driving me cuckoo, please help.
  6. Nice looking skin but doesn't look like AM to me. JMO>
  7. Nice. Sooo tired of the grey iTunes. That's a big part of why I stopped useing it.
  8. Send me the money. I'll go buy it, try it out for a year or so and let you know what you should do when I get all of my data together.
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