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  1. Hooray! Thank God for you and your work!
  2. Hi guys, i was starting to wonder if v3.1 is coming anytime soon? I'm still on v2.0, and holding back the jump to v3.0, as i heard there are issues with boot-up and icons resolution. Anyone has any updates?
  3. Thank God for Astyanax and the port, will be using this for a long time! I have a small question: From your screenshot, i noticed there's no "application logo/icon" on the titlebar for the variant no. 2. But in my case, using WB 4.6, there is. How do i remove it?
  4. I meant gallery support for Wordpress 2.0. If you're making a theme for WP 2.0, I would love to see it support full integration of ZenPhoto
  5. Is a Wordpress 2.0 compatible version, and hopefully with some form of gallery support, availalble via donation?
  6. where could we get a FF 1.5 compatible titlebar tweaks extension? I've serached hi and low but failed to find one...
  7. we need more foobar dedicated artists like you, thanks!
  8. Any chance of adding "Riga Aqua" to the series? I prefer white themes over dark themes, simply becos i'm too lazy to update my tray-icons to complement dark themes. Am currently using Riga, and love it!
  9. I use BSplayer. I use Riga. I love Riga-ed BSplayer.
  10. any chance of updating this to FF 1.5? Now that i've finally, out of extreme reluctance and neccessity, updated to FF 1.5, the riga.jar is broken and could not be loaded. really love this theme, pls consider updating it, wanna carry on using this theme, thanks and God bless
  11. Sweet and simple, just the way i like it. Great work! Requests: 1) Instead of Trash and Trash Full, could we have "Full" and "Empty" ? 2) Could we have all the letters having the same size, ie, abbreviate longer words such as photoshop to "pshp" or "ps"? In my current set up all the of the icons has the same letter sizie except for "photoshop" and it really does look outta place... Cheers!
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