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  1. Christ almighty this thread is old. I'm showing off more tech porn anyhoo... Same computer as in my first comment, 23in ACD, Kensington not very adjustable arm (30 bucks down from 100), Soundsticks, Western Electric clone phone, and (out of frame) a Xerox 6180n Phaser.
  2. Work computer; no Aqua mods or anything (can't stand anything but XP Classic anymore on Windows). Healthy obsession with Fantastic Mr. Fox. />http://dznr.org/mum5 Personal computer; Snow Leopard. />http://dznr.org/c72q
  3. Just have a good set of pans, fry and bake what you need, and only cook enough for one or two people. Buy meat in bulk and freeze in rashers. If you don't have access to a freezer, buy the day of and only in 1/2 pound or less sizes (any grocer will cut you an appropriate amount of meat at their given price per pound). Also, I'm apparently still a super-mod. Just banned a spam-bot. Sweet!
  4. That Aqua-Soft's new server Timmeh?
  5. I'm apparently still a moderator. That's random.
  6. I'm actually not so sure about when they're updating it, but do agree that it is due. Expect an update at least in time for the summer college lets buy our baby a computer market. It might not be much though, but it'll be something.
  7. Icons by esXXI, Jonas, Lanham, and Susumu. Wallpaper by Henri Liriani.
  8. I certainly don't. Aqua-Soft? Pssh... all about MacThemes.
  9. If this was a mockup, this goes in Digital Studio. If this was a screenshot, I should suspend you for not posting in the Screenshot thread. Closed.
  10. There is no problem, hence the post still being here
  11. I pretty much took a brush and had at it. xD
  12. Another gnomexp exclusive!™ Figured I'd post this one too.
  13. A gnomexp exclusive!™ Much better at smaller sizes.
  14. You could just drag your windows between monitors without spaces.
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