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  1. oh man these are gorgeous. i cant wait for Lou to rip/release them j/k j/k dont flame
  2. I would love to be a moderator. i think that i would be a great moderator for the site/forums because of my unique personality. BTW im 16.. hope thats ok edit// i am also available on weekends from 9am to 1am and weekdays from 3pm-1am please consider my application
  3. I use it for ePSXe too. thats exactly what i made it for. the n64 one i made to use with Project64 and 1964
  4. a while ago i asked lou to make me some in the style of the SNES and NES icons he realeased, but he said he was too busy with school so i decided to make my own. they arent exactly like lous, i didnt make them from scratch but they do look good on my dock. ANYWAYS...... here they are
  5. enjoy *1152x768* http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/apple.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/female.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/male.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/handy.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/radio.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/windows.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/monkey.jpg http://hs.c-monkey.net/backgrounds/neowin.jpg --------------------- Please read the rules before posting. How hard is it? The maximum size of an image allowed to be posted inline is 500 x 375. You posted 8 at 1152 x 768 >.< The Images Have Been Linked // Sep
  6. there is a really sexy mac-style side bar here. what is it?? ----------------------- You could have PMd the person that took the screenshot. THis is a [Request], remember to tag your threads. Also, please use informative titles, "what is that" doesnt tell anyone anything. The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  7. I thought these were over at osx-e.com but i couldnt find them. they are extra shapes for the custom shape tol in photoshop CS. does anyone have these. it was just a bunch of vector logos i guess but i reall need them for a wallpaper pack i am making. thanks in advance :rock: ------------------ Please, tag your threads. This is a [request] I also think that this belongs in the Digital Studio forum. The Topic Has Been Tagged And Moved // Seph
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