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  1. I'm in Pittsburgh... if thats EC...
  2. Forgive me for not watching my post- I've been extremely busy lately (read: I bought a 65" HDTV and I've been watching every DVD I own) Chat more soon! Ciao amici
  3. Just wondering if there were any Italians here at Aqua-Soft. Its looking as if I'll be moving there in some time and I know basically NO ONE over there so this could be helpful (especially if they are Inter fans :rule: )
  4. Thanks all Leave it to a woman to set off a night like that
  5. I've been out of it in the past months... A night of drinking topped off with a suicide attempt kept me out of commission. But I'm back in and hopefully this time around I will actually start doing something useful to the community. Cheers.
  6. These are the dogs danglies Good work ali, can't wait!
  7. I have an extra compy and Im wondering; should I make it a sweetass Linux OSX machine? if so, does anyone have a mini-tut or simple instructions on what to do? Grazie. Ciao.
  8. Has there been an installer made yet? I remember reading about it and I searched for it but haven't found :/
  9. I admit I've reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP a good 3 dozen times give or take a few, and it seems like it loses things occasionally... Like some buttons on the taskbar don't open when I click, etc. I dont know what to do, but I am fed up with it all >_
  10. I can't be happy with OSX skinning because I had it setup and after a while I just wasn't having fun with it, so now I want to try my hand at OS8 or so because I fell in love with my Powerbook540c again... Im not sure emulation is the way to go though; any thoughts or ideas?
  11. I dont know why but when the computer is left on sleep or screensaver; WMI comes up as not responding, sometimes in many numbers. Any idea what i can do to stop it?
  12. *puts in $5* We'd better start a handlotion fund too then *another $5* :jerkoff:
  13. I know this isnt the place but I also figured that since we're all so technical it would be a better place to post that all of the pr0n boards I'm on I want to move up on my collection of RC cars and I don't want to hit up radio shack for another dune buggy/rally car. Does anyone have a good idea where I can get a good start , with decent prices? If possible, I'd even like to build my own. I just need to keep costs down. Preferred models would be Porsche , Lamborghini, or Ferrari. Thanks for all of your help.
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