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  1. Hi guys! Where I can download this visual style? : For mac os x; please
  2. Yes, I use the "search option", but y did'nt found something :cry: I need this file, for service pack 2 :woot: Where i can download this? thanks!
  3. Ohhhh!!! Really thanks; sorry for my incorrect post. Really thanks; your page are soo cool
  4. Hi guys! I search de Aqua Milk style; but I search this for Mac Os x :woot: Where I can find this; I search y max thmes but I fin olnly the milk theme :cry: Please! :smartass:
  5. Someone; can get me this visual style?
  6. Oh; manik! Your skin is the best :smartass: The others skins are cool; but consume much space of desk :cry: Really good skins; in this forums!!! :naughty:
  7. :cry: :cry: :cry: I want you mode :smartass: , this is my mail: [email protected] (Yeah!; this mail exists!!!), I use messenger. How I can get the original visual style of the capture?... And this is procesing; or canceled? :cry:
  8. Someone can help me? I want this visual style; y use the search od the forums; but I know not what words search... :cry: A capture: Visual Style If the image can not see; tell me
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