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  1. Wallpaper: Pixelgirlpresents.com Theme: Cold Top-left icons: Adium, Pathfinder, Menumeters
  2. Can you re-up this? There is no picture.
  3. I'm sorry it must be my browser but I don't see a link to download this . Nevermind, it seems images do not show for me despite setting the option to do so in my Profile.
  4. It's okay to unplug it during a frozen situation on Windows if you dont mind losing all your songs on it. Don't bother using ipod with firewire if you only have a mini-firewire connector (that thing has incompatiblity issues as well as not being able to power the ipod). Use the USB2.0 cable that came with it. Good ****ing luck in Iraq dude, I hope you don't end up hurt for nothing like many people did. Cheers!
  5. Ah crap, im looking at my 3rd gen all scratched up and all. Flips over to back seens engravings, crap, not gonna sell this one.....
  6. No you can't change it with CandyBar. But you can change the icon. Find the program within your "Applications" folder, select it, press "Command-I" and select the icon itself in the popup info box, and "Paste" whatever that is currently in your clipboard in there, hopefully your new icon.
  7. Just make sure you get the DDR with the right timings, I have heard Apple G5's don't boot without the correct RAM timings.
  8. I want to enjoy my 3rd gen for longer, so no!
  9. I use apple.ca Why don't you look through your local used stuff ads.
  10. Wrong, you could mount it as a drive. Be in Finder, do command-K. However, you can only read, and not write to FTP from Finder, so much for saving.
  11. candybar is at iconfactory.com anything else look for them at macupdate.com
  12. How come after I copied the TweakUI.dll and restart Miranda, the contact list flashes for 1 second and won't show up again!!!!??/
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