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  1. After a few years I bring to you my new version of Opera Pinstripe Skin. This skin is based in Pinstripe Skin for Mozilla by Kevin Gerich. In this version I used almost all the new effects of the new Opera 10.5. I try to skin every single element, and I think this skin is one of the more complete skins you can find for Opera. What can I find in the skin? Well, I made this skin thinking in the usability and simplicity. To do that I have created a Toolbar configuration with almost thirty new buttons, and set up the toolbars to make it clean, so you can identify every element easily. What
  2. Hello people, the next Thursday is my birthday, so I want to share my happiness with you bring you my latest skin for Opera. It is Opera Pinstripe for Opera. Warning: You have to install the latest Opera alpha version to get your Opera like the Preview Image. Enjoy Sorry for my **** English Opera_Pinstripe_Beta.zip
  3. Hey, i reuploaded the skin you are asking for, ArchDevil. You can download it in my DevArt page.
  4. Hello guys, the last time i posted here was long time ago. I am here to show you a preview for my newest skin for Opera. It is in a very early beta stage, and there are a lot of things that i have to improve. I expect to release it in the next months, but i am using settings only available on Opera 10 alpha, and the skin doesn't work on earlies versions. You can watch it on my DeviantArt page: HERE
  5. After a lot of time working on the skin, finally i can release it. You can download the skin from DeviantArt, but first a preview Download When you have the file downloaded uncompress it and read the README file. Enjoy it! PS: Also you can see my other skins http://gjlz87.deviantart.com/gallery/ PS2: Sorry for my ***** English
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