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  1. Go to this site, add the path to the file and click Install
  2. My desktop is finished I wanna get closer...
  3. Hi guys, here's my christmas present Playin' a little bit with DSX 1280x1024
  4. :woot: Thank you very much! (Y) I've been looking so long for something like this!
  5. ... Exploring Alternative Operating Systems ... (Y) Maximise me!
  6. well, i don't know the exact names, too, but i would search for *.cpl in system32 and then open the files with reshacker and take a look at the icons in the files
  7. Sorry, but i didn't find the icons on that page. Where did you see them?
  8. Hi guys, due to a hd-crash, i have to download the snowE icons again, but i can't stand waiting until november the 1st >.< Can somebody PLEASE help me out?
  9. A little bit of freundt, gorilla and bluecurve I'd like to see it really BIG!
  10. I've got an IBM Thinkpad R40, too (Y) Great quality, nice black understatement look, runs smooth, quiet and long! I didn't turn my desktop on since i got the thinkpad
  11. same thing with the tabs in mozilla here
  12. Hi guys, due to a hd crash, I have to gather all my modding stuff again :nuts: I'm looking for the 5 zip-files with osx aqua icons which were in the aquaxp.com-downloadsection before aquaxp.com went down. Perhaps anybody got the zips from aquaxp.com and wouldn't mind sharing them with me? That would be GGGGRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTTTT!!! :rule:
  13. you can do this by adding an argument to the boot.ini in c: i'm not sure but i think it was something like /nobootgui ask mr. google for help, you'll find it!
  14. yes, you can (Y) the only problem i currently have is that i get a white background when converting the png's to bitmaps...
  15. Hi guys, i'm looking for bitmaps to replace the explorer toolbar (bitmaps 204/205, 214/215). I already have Jaguar and SnowE bitmaps. Has anybody got bitmaps in other styles, for example like the toolbars included in bOse's opus metal suite (safari/iTunes)? Any donations would be great!
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