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  1. Just check out some of Pe8er's desks on DA, u'll find there Unbe
  2. first desk this year... details on DA
  3. So far so good even if I ran Macbook stress test for a 30 minutes! I hope it solve rss problem! Oh and it's availible via software update!
  4. I think it was made by Adam Betts, u should check out his site!
  5. hehe very funny duyvy, I did it before... really. but I found another thingy when I switch to another user all icons are displayed properly! heh I think that bug is caused by one of the apps: pixadex or candybar! The question is which one? Has anyone got similiar problems and solved them out? OK I fix it! If anyone has a similiar problem, check this thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...888259
  6. complete shutdown ?? heh what do u mean duyvie?
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