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  1. Okay, currently I have one for CNN, The Register, BBC, and Slashdot (the one that doesn't work right). Anymore requests? Also, since Stefanka has already allowed everyone who asks to use his images, do I need to wait for him to reply to my e-mail? Because it seems he hasn't seen this thread or read his e-mail lately whereas there are plenty of people releasing things in the Aero style using (I'm assuming) his images. Tell me what you think.
  2. Well what happens is when I open I get all the %s's like I said. When I select another config that uses the net, such as Duckie's weather, and then switch back it works. But if I press update or when it automatically refreshes I get %s again. I'm thinking it might have something to do with this line of the code: selector=http://news.com.com
  3. Hmm... I'm having a problem with this. When I open it up all I get is the %s. However, if I switch to another config that uses information from the net, such as Weather or Hyral's configs, they work, and once I switch back, I'll see the news. Any ideas why this is happening anyone? I'd like to have it fixed before it's released obviously.
  4. Thanks guys, I'll release it as soon as I've gotten the permission. As for the Rainlendar skin, it's called Simple Notes and you can download it here
  5. OK folks, StefanKa has replied and I have permission to release finally! Would a mod please change the thread title to [release] Aero News? The name has been changed as I included five configs. Currently there are: CNN BBC Gizmodo The Register And Slashdot of course The Slashdot config has a problem as I mentioned in my other posts, I'll include it anyway in case someone finds a solution. Enjoy! Preview: Download: Download Aero News
  6. release! release! release! pleeeeeeeease!!!
  7. Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. Now if iTunes album art wasn't so crappy...
  8. Another nice set of icons Enhanced, thanks a lot!
  9. Beautiful! Now once avetunes is ported to winamp I can get rid of Samurize all together!
  10. Might it be possible to figure out how to do it? I mean there's a program that you can put in the system tray to check gMail, how hard can it be to port that to AveDesk?
  11. Been out less than a day and already a skin is released? Nice skin btw. Edit: Er... when I drop an icon it shows the little conversion thing and then goes back to the original state where it simply says Drop Icon Here. I see you have more images in the skin folder, so I'm assuming something's wrong here.
  12. After using this for a little while, I'm having the same problem as Manyk when I try to convert my ICO's to PNGs. I've looked at all the settings and haven't found a way to fix it.
  13. Very nice, so many new things to try out for AveDesk!
  14. When Sascha releases his Calabi theme then you'll have the one that skin was made for www.rad-e8.com Beautiful skins Lou! Thanks!
  15. Thanks a ton! Much easier than opening AveIconifier every time I want to do it.
  16. You rock Ave! I was looking for this myself. Thanks a ton!
  17. Beautiful walls Lou, been looking for something new and it looks like I found it.
  18. I want it too, I was using CRNI's clock but it'd be nicer if I could have one for AveDesk+ SysStats to trim down the amount of programs I'm using. I was working on one myself, but if you release this I guess that gets rid of the work for me.
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