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  1. Try this:



    * Domain (http://www.domain.com) (only if you already have purchased the domain!) or subdomain (http://subdomain.neopages.net) hosting

    * 50 Megabyes (Upgradeable to 100 megs)

    * CGI/PHP

    * True FTP Accounts

    * Site Admin Control Panel

    * 5 gigs bandwidth per month (upgradeable to 10 gigs a month by request)

    * Access to mySQL database

    * POP E-Mail (same username/password as your FTP login/password)

    * Great free support in our support forums!

    To get hosting you have to apply with an already working site. Chances of getting the hosting are increased by being an active participant in the community. To apply, go straight to www.npforums.com, register, click on the Application Center, read the rules first!, and then write your application.

    Good luck!

    Btw, this is where I host my own site. It's a reliable server, had some trouble last month, but it seems to be all good now. The guy who runs it also runs www.tabulas.com, don't know if you've heard of it, and www.lightbox7.com

  2. Naive me used to think that all shell32.dll did was replace some icons and that was it. Zilch, nothing more. I found out exactly what can go wrong the hard way. I downloaded some GUI pack, but all I replaced was shell32.dll and nothing else. When I rebooted my computer didn't even make it to the login screen saying that it couldn't find some file it needed. Half an hour later after being on the phone with my friend, I was in a DOS command prompt type thing. So I renamed shell32.dll to shell32.dll.old. And then I couldn't remember what my backup shell32.dll was. After a bit of fiddling I found it, shell32.backup, and everything was back to normal. It scared me for a while though.

  3. I'm 16 as of May 7th, so if you look at it technically I'm older than 16 but it's up to you anyway. ;)

    I volunteer to be a weekly newsposter and/or moderator. I know the likelihood of becoming a moderator isn't that good, but I'm just offering my services should they be wanted.

    Credentials (Hopefully I can scrounge something up ;)):

    - I spend way more time than I should on this site and other forums.

    - I am a moderator/admin on two other forums I have helped start or joined later on. One of these has become quite successful as a Lord of the Rings community at www.seatofkings.net.

    - As a newsposter, my writing skills are quite good. You can see evidence of this on This Is A Very Long Domain Name (which is a site I run with a few people whom I know online). I write there under the name Eric, which happens to be my real name (go figure).

    - I have just begun my own skinning experience for the Longhorn Aero theme. Granted, it wasn't much, but it's a start. You can see it here

    - And I love the Longhorn Inspirat styles that I have seen so far.

    This sounds too much like when I was applying for my first job. ;)

    I'd really be happy to help out in any way that I can, even if that involves simply registering and being an active user. It looks like a site that will be great to have around.

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