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  1. The drive icons are part of Aqua Leopard Folders by David Lanham and can be found here: http://iconfactory.com/freeware/preview/aglf The dock is called Venom Dock and can be found here: http://twylighttwylight.deviantart.com/art...m-Dock-72420461
  2. If anyone knows where I can get these icons I'd much appreciate it, I searched for a while but no luck [ATTACH]10813[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10815[/ATTACH]
  3. Been a long time since my last, got a mac now...
  4. thanks very much, been looking all over for this
  5. If anyone could help me find this icon it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Woo! Here's my Pandion mod! Not finished yet... but almost. I only modded the message area, the rest was done by Ont. Yes, I was talking to myself... testing purposes only! I swear...
  7. A lot of inspiration from this screenie by Kidrocky.
  8. Hey Simon, I ripped the trash icon from one of Seph's older screenshots and he's already said he can't release it, so ya... not hard to remove the bg though.... *whistles* And I believe the crate icon in that guy's screenie is from the Kong iconset at the Icon Factory.
  9. Pretty much identical to my last shot, really it was to show the progress of my mod for Pandion to look like the Adium theme used in Seph's screenies. Long way to go. The name is Pandemonium, as suggested by a few of my friends as I keep logging in and out during the testing stages .
  10. Nice screenie Seph! Man I wish I could get my IM to look like that... *drool*
  11. Hey, thanks for the compliment Seph. The VS is W9DProm, I've lost the link but it's been posted already in this thread or the screenshot thread at Aero-Soft I think. The Chat client is Pandion, and the mod of it was made by Ont, so I can't release it.
  12. today's desktop, not too much different but i'm liking this one better than the last, all I did was change some icons. For those looking for the wallpaper, I got it at www.airbagindustries.com
  13. OK folks, StefanKa has replied and I have permission to release finally! See first post to download!
  14. I e-mailed him because it wouldn't let me PM him. It's just time to wait now I guess.
  15. Try this: www.neopages.net Features: * Domain (http://www.domain.com) (only if you already have purchased the domain!) or subdomain (http://subdomain.neopages.net) hosting * 50 Megabyes (Upgradeable to 100 megs) * CGI/PHP * True FTP Accounts * Site Admin Control Panel * 5 gigs bandwidth per month (upgradeable to 10 gigs a month by request) * Access to mySQL database * POP E-Mail (same username/password as your FTP login/password) * Great free support in our support forums! To get hosting you have to apply with an already working site. Chances of getting t
  16. I have 5 invites to give away, PM me if you're interested.
  17. After Lou made his batman wallpaper I noticed someone requested a Batman Begins version, so I went to the site, saw the logo and decided to give it a try. Tell me what you think. Note: It looks a lot better fullsize. No-text version... Enjoy!
  18. Naive me used to think that all shell32.dll did was replace some icons and that was it. Zilch, nothing more. I found out exactly what can go wrong the hard way. I downloaded some GUI pack, but all I replaced was shell32.dll and nothing else. When I rebooted my computer didn't even make it to the login screen saying that it couldn't find some file it needed. Half an hour later after being on the phone with my friend, I was in a DOS command prompt type thing. So I renamed shell32.dll to shell32.dll.old. And then I couldn't remember what my backup shell32.dll was. After a bit of fiddling I found
  19. Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead Next Three: Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes (all the members of Creed but with a new singer) The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony The Cars - Just What I Needed (best song ever.)
  20. I'm 16 as of May 7th, so if you look at it technically I'm older than 16 but it's up to you anyway. I volunteer to be a weekly newsposter and/or moderator. I know the likelihood of becoming a moderator isn't that good, but I'm just offering my services should they be wanted. Credentials (Hopefully I can scrounge something up ): - I spend way more time than I should on this site and other forums. - I am a moderator/admin on two other forums I have helped start or joined later on. One of these has become quite successful as a Lord of the Rings community at www.seatofkings.net. - As a
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