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  1. The drive icons are part of Aqua Leopard Folders by David Lanham and can be found here: http://iconfactory.com/freeware/preview/aglf The dock is called Venom Dock and can be found here: http://twylighttwylight.deviantart.com/art...m-Dock-72420461
  2. If anyone knows where I can get these icons I'd much appreciate it, I searched for a while but no luck [ATTACH]10813[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10815[/ATTACH]
  3. Been a long time since my last, got a mac now...
  4. thanks very much, been looking all over for this
  5. If anyone could help me find this icon it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Woo! Here's my Pandion mod! Not finished yet... but almost. I only modded the message area, the rest was done by Ont. Yes, I was talking to myself... testing purposes only! I swear...
  7. A lot of inspiration from this screenie by Kidrocky.
  8. Hey Simon, I ripped the trash icon from one of Seph's older screenshots and he's already said he can't release it, so ya... not hard to remove the bg though.... *whistles* And I believe the crate icon in that guy's screenie is from the Kong iconset at the Icon Factory.
  9. Pretty much identical to my last shot, really it was to show the progress of my mod for Pandion to look like the Adium theme used in Seph's screenies. Long way to go. The name is Pandemonium, as suggested by a few of my friends as I keep logging in and out during the testing stages .
  10. Nice screenie Seph! Man I wish I could get my IM to look like that... *drool*
  11. Hey, thanks for the compliment Seph. The VS is W9DProm, I've lost the link but it's been posted already in this thread or the screenshot thread at Aero-Soft I think. The Chat client is Pandion, and the mod of it was made by Ont, so I can't release it.
  12. today's desktop, not too much different but i'm liking this one better than the last, all I did was change some icons. For those looking for the wallpaper, I got it at www.airbagindustries.com
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