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  1. This is a hard topic to judge on what do you need when do you need it by what do you want to do with it? Me I'm using a sager laptop notebook.... yes it is big and clunky and heavy and generalyl a big ass mofo to lug around but for me it's invaluble especially with raid 1 because I need to have the data mirrored incase of something very very bad happening (it get's dropped a lot and knocked on when I'm out in the field or bangs and other things so all in all it's there for fault tolerance). I'm out there collecting LOTS of data and I can't run the risk of it going missing so I *NEED* it. As
  2. StevieBM Hmm I feel like this would be a great topic for us to debate on. UI philosophy. Task based/Inductive or Intuitive/Deductive based. Which do YOU like more? Which do you feel is more user friendly for the A) Complete Beginner Competent User C) Power User D)I talk binary in my sleep crowd We should have a good bash on that one.
  3. Contra you need to add this to the wiki http://developer.apple.com/documentation/U...ines/index.html Hopefully if any skin dev's work on stuff trying to make it more "apple" they'll read this first and think about it. It's a wonderfully insightful piece of work.
  4. My suggestion first of all, would be to go to www.dictionary.com and or maybe use some kind of spellchecker. Dear God almighty your rant almost gave me an aneurysm. Now on to the actual nitty gritty of your "post". We're talking about UI philosophy here right? Read any of the HIG guidelines? Hey Contra how about adding them to the Wiki.... I bet you most of the people won't have seen them... actually it's been an age since I've seen them myself... (time to do a little digging methinks.) Most of your "rants" are well complaints against the limitations of the applications that people s
  5. 3D Labs wildcat cards blow all your ATi and Nvidia into the hole Heh but on a more serious note. Best graphics card for what job? For what purpose? That's like asking what's the best spoon? Soup spoon? Tea spoon? Ladel? bleh. Silly question.
  6. Click Here Old exploit and patched about a month ago go to winupdate and fix
  7. Hmmm I tried to add an m3u playlist so I didn't have to manually do a playlist... it didn't like that and crashed out straight away... also one time it "lost" what was in the playlist and crashed out straight away when I was switching from the visualisation window to the mini version and back to normal full view also the scratchy and popping noises here too
  8. You do know there are a ton of work arounds to get sims working on XP and there is another issue here that maxis are just lousy at their jobs when the sims online came out a friend of mine rushed out to buy it and it didn't work on her brand new just bought sony desktop system. She had only had that for 2 days and it was running off a default install how's that for crappy and sloppy work by maxis? We updated the drivers and found a workaround but the simple fact is I know for certain that a HUGE userbase were totally unable to play sims online because of purely sloppy work by maxis.
  9. Well I doubt it's the RAM, infact I'm more than willing to bet that it's because maxis can't code for sh*t their games are consistently coded at a substandard level patch your copy of the sims up to the latest level and ask EA or Maxis for help on getting it to run.
  10. heh it IS an alpha not a full implementation yet what did you expect?
  11. here's an okayish explanation of winfs but a little light on details http://www6.tomshardware.com/storage/20030...0617/index.html
  12. Tell me about it All my drives and subdirs and even including the backup CD's I make have a hierarchy. One of my own devising I admit BUT it is one that follows a definite logic. I have a downloads directory on my Data drive and it has sub directories for media applications and codecs, general applications, networking tools etc etc etc and the same goes for my mp3 directories if you take a little while to scan the directory structure I've laid out all across all my drives then it makes a great deal of sense but with WinFS I'm going to have to learn a whole new system of doing it.
  13. Well I don't actually know anyone who isn't using NTFS instead of FAT32 unless they're on 9x/ME. Taking into account todays penchant for Large HDD's hmmm how does FAT32 handle 80 gig hdd's? The words poorly come to mind It'd flake out, so snappier? No. The only reason NTFS could be comparably called "slow" is due to the full paging it has and even then it's not all that slow. What truely limits HDD speeds is guess what? HDD Speeds, it's got almost bugger all to do with the filing system. to quote from http://www.makeitsimple.com/sections.php?o...ntpage&artid=10 "FAT16: The file system u
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