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  1. No, if you read a few post above you would've noticed it's for 1.07 or former.
  2. Well isn't that what all the people with NFR wallpapers, icons and themes are doing?
  3. Jumping on the stripey trend everyone seems to be enjoying.
  4. Looking nice this desat Samui. I actually thought the original Samui was too bright in the colors.
  5. Nice! What's that plugin for Safari to show thumbnails of the tabs?
  6. Yep you're wrong Millennium. He's using the "Tiles" folder view.
  7. Thanks, I came across that thread myself. Guess I won't close the lid to it then and use the hack with the lid open instead. But then again it's much nicer working on a 19" crt @ 1600x1200 than on a 12" @ 1024x768 /your dumb and ignorant forum user
  8. Sorry, totally forgot the nazi moderators here jk Nope haven't checked their forums. Thought I'd ask this Mac community that I'm a member of before giving it a shot over there.
  9. I'm gonna use the SSD together with my 19" CRT monitor. The thing is I have a 12" iBook (new revisions with Radeon 9550) and that model isn't listed on the supported list (http://www.rutemoeller.com/mp/ibook/supportlist_e.html). Is it still safe to use the application?
  10. Mmm don't forget the Remote Control, Front Row and slimmer design....
  11. Well in XP I've setup the rightclick menu Sendto to be able to send files to notepad.. Is there an equal way to do this in OS X? I think it's handy for files that are not associated with any program.
  12. Well I gave up. I figured I won't need it anyway since I got Keynote 2 and Pages
  13. When opening Word or Powerpoint it says "An unexpected error occured while opening Microsoft Framework" but it then opens the document but it's very annoying. Anyone know what can cause this?
  14. You're just registered Apr 2005, I said I need some experienced OS X user Hehe jk!
  15. Instead of posting dumb threads on the forums I thought I could chat with someone who's experienced with OS X since I just got my new 12" iBook this wednesday I've got some questions.. someone could just pm me their MSN/ICQ and that would be grfeat
  16. @DoctorOHM: Hmm how did you know? @Timan: well in a way yah I guess I could say AS inspired me.. AS wasn't my first experience with Apple though.. my big brother had a Mac LC back in the middle of the 90's that I used to play games on But I've always owned PC's and now that school begun and since I already have a stationary PC at home I thought what the heck I'll give the iBook a try for some variation... @flyakite: Hehe exactly Thanks man
  17. Well to clarify things when I mentioned apple store I didn't mean the official apple store. I meant a store "authorized" by apple to sell apple hardware...
  18. Now I got it Wohooo! Typing on it as we speak...
  19. Anyway thanks for your reply. I just choosed Ethernet connection and went on and then later choosed to setup the Wireless connection after finding out the MAC address in the System Profiler and configured my router correctly thereafter.
  20. when I was gonna get my 12" iBook Well about the story then, too make it short me and my dad went to an apple store here in Sweden, Gothenburg to buy an iBook through his company (to get rid of taxes) to me this Sunday. They were out of stock and told us that they'll get 'em on Tuesday, Wednesday and so I asked so if I make an order on one now I'll have it on Tuesday, Wednesday then? The salesperson said of course no problem. So today when I called in to the store to ask if they had them in stock and they said no but they had just gotten a delivery but it had already been shipped out to th
  21. Just got my iBook a little while ago and I'm setting it up to my netgear wireless router. The thing is in the installation wizard I want to add the iBook to my netgear router and it finds the router and everything but I don't have the MAC address of my iBook to add it to the authorization list in the netgear router. Usually on laptops the MAC address is underneath the laptop but I couldn't find anything underneath the iBook.
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