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  1. Your wallpaper reminds me of Shirley Manson from the Beautifulgarbage era. I love it!
  2. .....hmmmm it looks like Ashlee Simpson. Is it??? Could it be?
  3. Heres mine....of course it is mostly Garbage!!! http://works.music.columbia.edu/~jason/its...ick.mp3&popup=1
  4. Love the icon, I would definately use it...but lose the text!
  5. yay an Italian thread!!! I am proud to be an italian-american!
  6. I have not found anything as good as Avetunes widgets. I am so jealous that mac users do not have access to these widgets. Some have come close....(http://www.sophiestication.de/widgets/itunesartwork/) but as of now, PC users have the advantage! It really sucks!! :mad:
  7. AndreasV, you have got to get into the Mac scene with Avedesk. I want this so bad!!!! I am so jealous!
  8. ahhh it needs a lot of work, but it is a great attempt. Hell, it is probably better than anything I could ever do lol!!! However, you may want to use the lamp found in the Christmas Story set by Anthony Piraino : http://www.iconfactory.com/preview.asp?typ...query=christmas
  9. I don't exactly know what you are talking about. Your question does not make sense; however, you can reverse the icon change manually by right clicking, get info, clicking on the small icon (blue shadow will appear) and hitting the delete button. Hope this helps
  10. Just beautiful....looking forward to the release!
  11. One problem...that only gives you album art from Amazon.com and it is not the best quality. Especially since Front Row (for mac users), where the music player displays 600 x 600 resolution photos, it is by far the best way to get high resolution artwork. Again, thank you so much for sharing this Facist...you made my day!!
  12. Thank you so much for posting this! Finally, I can find some great artwork!
  13. For an individual icon change, you do not necessarily have to run the icon through Pic2Icon. The icon just needs to be in .icns format. Also, if you are wondering, to undo the icon change, simply right click on the item, "get info", click on the smaller image again (until you see the blue shadow) and hit "delete" and presto....the original icon is back. You will also need TinkerTool (free app) for changing system fonts. Use both Silk and TinkerTool together to change menu and system fonts.
  14. Actually, I found this thread to be quite helpful! I had no idea that this info was around! Front Row runs very smooth on my G4. @Skyline: I don't see why it wouldn't work on a mini. Have you upgraded to 10.4.3 yet? It wasn't working for me until I upgraded to 10.4.3.
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