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  1. All the photos are still in their original place within the iPhoto library, but there are modified copies and original copies all in different folders and re-organizing them will be hell. Did I mention there are 14000 of them? Maybe I should just delete the folder entitled "Originals" and keep just the modified versions, but I don't know of when I have an un-tweaked photo is it stored in the "Originals" folder or in "Modified"? I'm afraid I don't have time machine set up so thats not an option...
  2. Hi all, This morning I opened up iPhoto and it said that with this new version my thumbnails need to be updated. I clicked ok, and all my photos disappeared. I quit iPhoto and restarted it, but no luck. All my photos appear to still be in the library in PicturesiPhoto Library but iPhoto can't access them. I've read through the Apple support forums and other pages but I haven't had any luck. I've tried to use iPhoto Library Manager to rebuild the library, but it just says that the AlbumData.xml file contains no information. I've also tried to rebuild it by holding down Command + Option while launching iPhoto, but after the repair process is over it just shows iPhoto with no pictures in it again. I hope someone can help me because all my family pictures were in there and I'm kind of freaked out... :-/ Thanks, Gabriel.
  3. Hmm it seams everyone has different opinions I found out that the Exilim 770 does not have a completely manual exposure mode, so I don't know if it will be a good choice.
  4. Leopard automatically detects SMB shares, which is nice, but I can't get their names to look nice. In windows on the other computers I tried to set the names to something like "Mike's Computer" but it wouldn't work because windows won't let you put and spaces or special characters in the name. You can do this in the computer description, but thats not what shows up in Leopard's finder sidebar. Any idea how to change the names of windows computers to look nicer?
  5. Well I live in Poland and use Telekomunikacja Polska as my ISP since it is the only company that can provide an internet connection at a semi-normal price in my part of town. So I've had a 2 MB adsl connection from these people for 3 years, and it usually worked ok. About 2 months ago I decided to upgrade to 6 MB, because they offered me a discount since I had been a customer for so long. They said it would take a few days to change the connection to 6 mb, so I said ok. Two weeks passed, and still no upgrade. One day, my connection completely stopped functioning. I called them up on their toll-free support number, and waited for 30 mins while the automated answering machine gave me all the usual crap. When I finally got to talk to a real person, they treated me like a total newb and proceeded to explain to me for 30 mins what a start button is without understanding when I told them I have a mac. Eventually they gave me a "incident report number" and said that someone would be in touch. I waited a week, nobody contacted me, and no internet. Finally, my connection started working, but it would only work in the morning, and by about 2-3 PM it would shut off and my router would not connect to the ADSL anymore. So I called them up again, and explained the situation. This time I at least got to talk to someone who seemed to know his stuff, but he told me the phone line in my area wasn't good enough for the 6 mb speed. I think thats BS because it worked fine for the first half of the day. He said that was because during the morning hours people are at work and in school, but they come home later. After thinking about this for a while I realized that in this case it should be working fine during the night when everyone is asleep... duh, but it doesn't. The tech support guy told me that in a week they would send a guy over to inspect the line and that I should wait for him. So I waited, and the guy never showed up. I called the tech support, and they said the guy came and checked the line and left. He never even knocked at the door, so I don't know why they told me to wait. Apparently the guy filed a "incident report" or something like that. I then asked them to just reconnect my old 2 MB because I need the internet for my schoolwork. They said this was not possible, because they had to wait until the guy who inspected the line filed some kind of report and got all his paperwork done. This would take a few days they said. Two weeks more, and still no internet. Finally, after countless phone calls and messy unnecessarily complicated paperwork, they reconnected my 2 MB connection. Now I can't switch to a different ISP in this area, because this company has a complete monopoly on the Polish ISP market, and has only recently been forced by the European Union to open its infrastructure to other companies. Nevertheless, if the line really isn't adequate for a 6 MB connection, any other company using the same line will not be able to provide me a 6 MB connection either. So the only option I have left is to pay for a wireless connection, which is 10 times more expensive and probably insecure, or live with the 2 MB. Whew. :-<
  6. I'm looking for a small camera that I can carry around in my pocket and pull it out when the oppertunity shows itself, but that also has some manual features (I would like to make long exposure shots). I was thinking of a Casio Exilim EX-S770, or something similar that I could find for under 200$. Do you think that camera would be good for what I need? Any suggestions? Thanks :-)
  7. I have gadu-gadu and MSN set up in iChat though Jabber (googletalk, actually). For a few days now all my contacts have had my avatar instead of their own images. When I change my own avatar, the one I used to have but all my contacts now do doesn't change. As you can see from the screenshot, in address book all the contacts have their proper images, but iChat doesn't use them. I've tried deleting .plist files for iChat and address book and reconfiguring everything, but the bug is still there. Has anyone else experienced this? :-/ http://aycu11.webshots.com/image/32490/200...58450496_rs.jpg http://aycu37.webshots.com/image/30916/200...78420924_rs.jpg In the second screen, you can see the Get Info window for a contact in iChat. If I select "Always use this picture" in that window, it will use the proper avatar, but if the user happens not to have an image set in Address Book, then iChat will just use my image anyway.
  8. Well, the CD that doesn't see any data on the disk is the OS X Install DVD where you can run Disk Utility, the Terminal, etc. I know the windows boot disk won't see the partitions, but I was hoping one of the included recovery utilities might. I also tried using something Data Rescue II which also has a bootable CD just for macs, but when I burned that using my PC the mac wouldn't even boot from it. I think what I'm gonna do tomorrow is buy a firewire enclosure for my external disk, so that I can boot from it, and then install OS X on the external HD. Then maybe I can run some kind of application that will help me recover the data from the internal drive. If that doesn't go well I guess I'm screwed, cause I need it working by Monday for work :-(
  9. Well, I don't think any of my liveCDs have the right tools on them to do that. I can't see any of the files on the damaged disk, It only appears to be one large empty partition now. I also downloaded something called Hiren's BootCD which has many data recovery tools on it and such, but every time I try to run one of the tools it gives me a "error creating ramdisk" and it exits. It said that it might be because of too much ram, so I removed some until only a single 512 chip was left, but still no dice. Then I thought maybe I could install OS X on an external HD that I could connect through firewire, and then use some kind of data recovery program to repair my internal disk. So, I spent the whole day walking through stores looking for an ATA-Firewire adapter and nobody had one (only USB, and macs can't boot from USB). :-(
  10. Howdy everyone, its been a while. Well, the other day I wanted to remove my bootcamp partition on my macbook, but I couldn't use the boot camp assistant because the beta was expired already. So, I fired up Disk Utitlity to see if I could just erase the partition, but the options were all grayed out. So I thought maybe I could run the Disk Utility from my OS X Install CD, so I opened that up and tried to remove the partition from there, but it popped up a window saying it would destroy the data on the whole drive not just one partition. Of course I meant to click cancel, but stupid me I accidentaly confirmed it and it messed up my disk. I hit command-q just as soon as I noticed what I did and I canceled the process just as it started, but my data is still gone (or doesn't appear to be there). I know this would be fairly easy to recover for someone with the right hardware, software, and knowledge, but all I have is a non-bootable macbook and a PC that I'm writing this on now. I also have some linux live-cds. Do you think there is anything I can do at this point? I don't have the money to go and pay a professional data recovery place... Thanks, Gabriel.
  11. Hey, I installed vista under bootcamp on my mac and my bluetooth keyboard isn't working. It used to work fine under XP, but I think they updated the drivers. Is there anything I can do to make the keyboard work again? Thanks, Hobbes.
  12. Hey, I have a PC where I have some files that need to be backed up regularly. I was thinking of using an app that can automatically monitor the files for changes and upload a copy to a web host every time it changes? Or perhaps a gmail account could be used for backups? What do you think? This needs to be something completely or mostly automated because its for a not very computer-literate person Thanks, Gabriel.
  13. LOL thats awesome, what is this movie?
  14. Hey everyone, I realize that many of you won't look kindly on this post, but for reasons I won't bother explaining here I need to pay someone 350$ by next week and I'm broke, so, if anybody needs and graphic design work, icons, interface design, etc. Ill do it on the cheap. Cheers, Gabriel.
  15. Well, I've got the latest drivers and directx, and I tried the compatibility mode, I tried reinstalling, nothing works. I even thought maybe it was an issue with the resolution so I changed it but that didn't work either. DxDiag.exe also says all my drivers are ok and working. I looked through the Electronic Arts troubleshooting files but they weren't any help either.
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