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  1. Hi. I need your opinion. http://www.maidanov.spb.ru/test/test_folder.gif http://www.maidanov.spb.ru/test/test_folder.ico May be it looks too similar to Minium? Thank you.
  2. The set is updated. 91 icons inside. Mac version available.
  3. News for Mac users: Mac version is coming. I`ll try to release it tommorow. Now you can download my updated iPods icons. Best regards, Glide http://www.maidanov.spb.ru/icons.html
  4. Спасибо за комменты на родном! Пожалуйста пишите по английски. Правила форума. Или пишите с переводом. -------- translation Thank`s for comments on native language! Please, let`s talk english! Forum rules. Or use traslation.
  5. Thank`s everyone for comments. When you creating something and you know someone need it, it`s cool. You know my teacher is Aqua-soft.org.
  6. Hello. I am glad to present my new work to you. These icons are made in aqua style. Standard Mac Os X icons were used as a basis for some icons. But its design concept is completely different. All icons include such sizes as 128x128, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16, each of them was drawn separately. The archive contains icons in ico and png formats. At the moment only Windows version is available for download. You will find Mac version in a few days. Besides I am working on a little update of these icons. Best Regards, Glide. Click on image to visit my site and download iWorld
  7. To Unbeliever. In Russia there are very big trouble with the copyright law.
  8. Hello. Some people ask me where I am and what happened with the website www.maidanov.spb.ru Whet downloads will be avaliable? So... I have a lot of work right now. I`m working on new www.maidanov.spb.ru and some more. Also I have finished new iconset. I`m thinking about the name. Work name was ToolbarStyle. As to the date of opening, I think I`ll open my website and new iconset (MS Windows version) will be avaliable after this weekend. Mac version will arive about 2-3 days after. So see you soon in icon release thread Best Regards, Igor Maidanov PS :mad::mad::mad: to http://
  9. glide

    [wip] TBS

    Yes, Russia is Beautiful. About previews: I`m not planing them It depends on mood. Release is coming.
  10. glide

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    Please feel good this morning too. (right now there is morning in St-Petersburg
  11. glide

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    Hi everyone again. Some inprogress for your eyes. The whole set coming soon...
  12. glide

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    Thank`s for your comments. If someone forget how folder looks like... See you very soon...
  13. glide

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    Yes, Seph I remember. Right now the whole iconset in that perspective has a perspective
  14. Round 2! Fight! fighting... fighting... fighting...
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