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  1. it comes with the Ubuntu installation. It's called "Mist" (Gnome Icon Theme). It's mod of a print called "EPANOUI" (available on DA) PM me your mail, because I can't give a DL link.
  2. I'm helping out someone else with this style. It'll be released when it's finished.
  3. !!! 1.4 MB !!! Samurize+Foobar
  4. just replace the "shellstyle.dll" file in every subfolder of "Shell" instead of replacing the whole "Shell" folder.
  5. VS: reuben (http://customize.org/xpthemes/49199) Wall: Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2889828/)
  6. hsn

    Mint 2.0

    which application is that? the black square looks strange.
  7. hsn

    Mint 2.0

    this vs has a shellstyle which disables the "common tasks". to get it back just delete "shell" folder from the theme.
  8. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/51304401/
  9. hsn

    Mint 2.0

    Mint 2.0 is a GTK Theme by Lokheed This release is a Visual Style port of Lokheed's great Mint 2.0 theme. I have also added his Winamp (XMMS) Mint Skin into this pack. Font options: HaxrCorp+Corbel Verdana Tahoma All credits to Lokheed! Honor to whom honor is due... As stated by Lokheed his theme was released under the CC Share-Alike 2.5 [link] Enjoy DOWNLOAD
  10. Mint 2.0 is a GTK Theme by Lokheed VS: Mint2.0 ported by me Wall: Intalmac modded by me Winamp: Mint by Lokheed (available in his GTK Theme release) All credits to Lokheed!
  11. VS: Tempura by Lokheed ported by me Wall: Droplets Of Life LINK Winamp: Tempura XMMS theme by Lokheed (available in his GTK theme release LINK)
  12. hsn


    UPDATE: Real Tempura port finished! Additionally there is an Orange version available and an Alternative Taskbar Edition. Note: Delete the old Tempura folder before extracting this Pack which has two Style folders now. DOWNLOAD
  13. Back to Gui.Air Wallpaper: ??? by StefanKa Link
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