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  1. Awesome! The text file thing is annoying as all hell, I hope that's not the way Photoshop has to do it as well... Thanks Ludge!
  2. Well, it's been a little over a month since I started playing around in the mac world on my iBook. The one thing that gets me is that I have several programs that I prefer to the standards, and would rather have them set as the defaults for thier doctypes... Shiira instead of Safari Thunderbird instead of Mail.app xPad instead of anything else for text files I've gotten VLC to set itself as default for video, but I can't find the options anywhere in these other programs, and I'd assume it will be the same when Photoshop arives. I'm not affraid of the command line, actually that's one reason
  3. Here's something that's bugged me since I got mine... how do I hide the program icons from the dock that I want to have running in the back ground? Like Fire, or Launch Bar or Drop Drawers... That would be ridiculously useful!
  4. anyone know of a good freeware tabbed text editor? BBEdit seems a little expensive for my purposes!
  5. I have a 1.1 but I wouldn't think that would freeze it, although I know yer not supposed to do that... I restarted the computer and it started up where it left off apparently no harm done, I won't need my laptop for at least a year and a half so, the comp issue isn't that big of a deal to me, thanks tho!
  6. so, my computer is completely frozen in the middle of uploading, can't find any info on what to do, this is the first day I've had my iPod mini, and I don't want to completely screw it up, plus I leave for Iraq tommorow... any help?
  7. the guard is the first to go last to know, even though that's a Marine slogan thanks for all the kind thoughts folks!
  8. I'm almost hoping that you mean thirty centegrade... and then I did the conversion, and am hoping the other way around... Michigan, think Germany without mountains, Vermont think Switzerland... you can always dress for cold... but centegrade does sound right, damn! edit--- I'll be there for at least a year, so I'll get the ridonkulousness too... 2nd edit--- has anyone noticed the google ad's for this thread? kinda humorous...
  9. since this board is so massive in it's member base maybe someone has gone already, I mean I know people that have been and they have all kinds of crazy tips and tricks for living in the dessert, just wondering if anyone had anything new to me. Also, there are many people I think that live in the region on this board that may know what pale pasty Irish boys lack in order to survive out there... thats basically what I meant.
  10. (As I mean no offense to anyone on this at all, that's an affectionate term, or so I'm told...) I work at a restaurant waiting tables... but, for two years now I've also been a member of the Vermont Army National Guard. I was sitting at work eating some steak tips with my best friend(who also works there) when one of my bosses comes up to our table with the phone and says, "It's your mommy. I think you're in trouble." I take the phone and my mother informs me that at Leiutenant such and such had just called the house and really wanted to get ahold of me. Which is funny, as I'm in the pr
  11. mine for this minute, i mean month, nope, I mean minute... Icons: Avedesk 1.1, MUB's Excellence Icons (Anyone know how to change the fonst and colors of the systats calendar?) VS:Japan Suite by irmirk of 4imp object dock (Still trying to figger out how to make a propper bg) Wallpaper: something I stole from a screenshot on a Black Box forum and colorized Winamp: Also Jap suite by irmirk Shortpopup working on rainmeters anyone know of a good *nix style popup? also anyone know have a zip of TClock 2? and thirdly anyone have a decent way to remove the tasks from the taskb
  12. How could you miss it? Think of the last coupla months!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for pngs (and/or icons) of the older purple gradient folder icons and anything else that may have been included in those sets from the Classic Macintosh sets... might anyone know where I could get these? I know I saw them in a screen shot within the last two months, but a search like that would take forever, and as I don't know the technical term it'd be quite hard to find them just on Google. I'll keep looking, but any and all help would be appreciated... bad example here, and here. I could've sworn that I'd seen an updated version of these, but for the time being that's a
  14. smoke, I was kidding, come on man!
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