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  1. and even if there was something, it would cost tons of $
  2. hahah that was a good joke.... too bad i cant code, but i hope someone continues ave's great work!
  3. is the link dead? too bad it looked promissing...
  4. hmm thats really sad. it would be a pity if avedesk died like that. i want to point out that theres still the possibility to make it open source.
  5. cool ! new avedesk! i tried it and after clicking on the config it crashes. i put it in a 1.3 install. any idea whats wrong? the message i get is the following:
  6. yeah same here, funny
  7. is there a new version? mine has expired
  8. i agree they sound great but some are not very distinguishable since they play the same "melody".
  9. me likes it, works like a charm, better than pb1
  10. hi andreas, i would like to do the german version as i already did avedesk 1.2. greets stevie
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