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  1. Small update: replace.cmd and restore.cmd now correctly work with Replacer 2.60+ (no more "Embedded file could not be extracted" messages)
  2. Tried Styler (v1.36) for the first time today, wow what a great program Only issue I have with it is the sluggish performance with shadows enabled. But have other people realized how well (the performance problems put aside) the shadows have been implemented in Styler? I was very impressed when even irregularly shaped windows (like for example some Windows Media Player skins) had perfectly shaped shadows applied. There is no other app that I know of that can do this. So there's two things I'd like to see in a future version: 1. Improved performance with shadows enabled 2. Ability to s
  3. I finally got to downloading & installing Flyakite SP2. I must say I find it amazing that the icons in this set seem of even higher quality than the previous one, which already was excellent. I am very pleased and impressed, thanks flyakite
  4. Another small update: BatchMod now no longer requires a database file and should handle almost all files Replacer does (except Comctl32/Commdlg, these you have to replace yourself).
  5. Did you modify the language resorces in the "resources" folder (using reshacker or similar tool, the files are in the subfolders and are called DIALOG.res, MENU.res and STRINGTABLE.res for each) after using extract_language.cmd? As stated in the readme, this cannot be automated. Some of the steps involved are opening the .res files, changing the language ID (sorry can't help with italian, i only know the codes for german, which is 1031, and english, 1033) and editing the resources themselves. You have to pretty much figure out yourself though.
  6. Thanks for the info! Does that mean, I could start the beta installer, copy the files from the temp dir and then abort the installation? Or should I wait for the "final" installer? I'm asking because my XP is a german version. Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!
  7. Is there a way to extract the files from the beta installer without actually installing them?
  8. String resources can contain text used in dialogs, popups, menus etc. Unlike dialog and menu resources, string resources do not contain any layout information.
  9. *Update* After a looong time of only lurking the forums , I made some small but long overdue changes to BatchMod. It now works with recent versions of Replacer which no longer include their own database file. The file is now included with BatchMod. (This fixes the error "Replacer database file not found!" when using BatchMod's copy.cmd with recent versions of Replacer) Also, long awaited (?) functionality has now been included, namely extracting language-specific (dialog, menu and string) resources from files. Please note that if your system is in another language than the files from wh
  10. Hmm the link worked for me *Very* nice App! :woot: Works so nice and flawlessly. I always wanted something like that for Windows, you really gain productivity if you can determine things by colour which is important for me since I use my home pc for work also (well, mainly for work these days, altough it was intended as a game machine ). Now if it only would be possible to do the same thing for documents, but I think this will be near impossible to do. I just can say this app is my favorite right now. Very well done!
  11. The actual resources would be even better than screens, no? Here you go: Safari 1.2 GFX Resources (I sincerely hope apple won't sue me for this :cry:)
  12. Have a look here: Firefox Pinstripe Theme thread - classic.jar w/ animated d/l progress bar
  13. A while ago I tried and updated Ash's/Magbi9's skin with the animated download progress bar. Unfortunately, I didn't write down what I changed - thus I supply the updated classic.jar Link: Updated classic.jar with animated download progress bar
  14. I never imagined I would like a chrome look on my desktop, but from the screenshot I must say this is gonna be [email protected]$$ I would definitely use it when it is released. Love the look of that window title bar
  15. First, thanks to all for the kind comments @alphabeta23: I think it would be no problem to change my scripts to do that - but then it would no longer be possible to re-apply icons/etc to updated system files, which I personally consider a big advantage of my scripts. Just saving the language resources would not do the trick here. Rather, I could quite easily add an option to extract language resources in addition to all the other stuff, so one could change or translate any text if he/she wanted, and then merge these modified language resources into the system files. If there's enou
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