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  1. Does anyone has this application icon? I found this related thread but the download link is broken. Thanks in advance.
  2. it's been so long - my latest desktop
  3. click preview to view full image | icons by BlueMalboro
  4. Halloween is drawing near. Enjoy ya
  5. thanks all you guys uh? beta 2? haha...I'm not going to release beta 2, 3, 4 bla bla bla...but must be whole in next release. Well, thanks mate
  6. haha~ as yet to complete all set of bears. anyway, thanks your comment.
  7. .ico, .icns and .png available. all in 128px. beta release, enjoy ya special thanks to TSG
  8. :: my 1st desktop screenshot in Oct ::
  9. :: my last Sep desktop screenshot ::
  10. haha... Amora again? Amora Lino is good enough ermm...Amora Bear...under consideration well, thanks you all comments
  11. I have been creating a series of bear icon. Luckily, I had granted by the original icon author TSG to release them. Above preview shown just some of them. preview updated. increse new members, Barbarian and pirate style.
  12. =click preview go to DA page=
  13. 10x a lot, mate erm? ya, impressed by TSG icon. so far, yet to receive permission from the original icon author. :slant:
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