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  1. there are several 'system info' scripts over at samurize.com. Here is a good place to start.. http://www.samurize.com/modules/mydownload...t.php?op=&cid=6
  2. what version of samurize are you running? also, are you running the client or the server? from your screenshot it looks like your running the server and not the desktop client. you may also consider reinstalling samurize
  3. I was just going to recommend using photoshop for the frames... :rant:
  4. this might sound like a dumb question...but why not just make each menu item a widget? that way you could have all kinds of submenus
  5. also make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. I had problems with the weather2004 plugin for samurize until I got my cookies sorted out..
  6. smaller? it's a straight port of the sysmetrix skin..
  7. 32 views and not a single reply?! :cry:
  8. well, here is my first port. if you are interested you can get it off the main download page over at http://www.samurize.com :woot:
  9. could you run more than one instance before? If I'm not mistaken, you can't run more than one instance with sammy 1.5 unless you make shortcuts...I could be wrong though..
  10. That did the trick Sone, thanx a BUNCH!
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