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  1. Aigh.. so ridiculously shiny yet so impossibly far out of budgetary reach..
  2. Nice. Does anyone know if Front Row works on other Macs?
  3. Nah, has to be 10.1. Jaguar only had the pinstripes, hovering traffic lights, and ginormous tabs, not the goo-buttons.
  4. Sweet. Really nice effects.. you did it all yourself?
  5. I don't think Shapeshifter works with iTunes 5 atm.. does it? Anyhow, great theme Hobbes, I may actually download and use this one.
  6. [/lurk] Yeah, NC'd make a good mod. [lurk]
  7. They haven't charged me for any of the recent updates, I know that...
  8. If it was literally only about a week or so, it's an unpublicized store policy that they will let you swap it for the new model for free. I thought it looked stupid too until I played with it in the store today.. it's just so ridiculously thin and light and cool. Oh, and the Apple stores seem to still be selling Minis, or at least to have them on display..
  9. Yes. When I do that, I get the Preview .icns icon. Thanks, I'll look for that.
  10. I've got it working fine using Jabber in iChat. The Windows client's gotten some good reviews from friends of mine using it.
  11. It'll be displayed, just stretched uglily like it would be on any LCD monitor.
  12. Speaker also makes the click-click-click noise for the scrollball. I have no problems with the side buttons, I can push the right-side one easily with my ring finger. On medium scroll-speed settings it's possible to scroll by one pixel at a time. One thing I found kinda annoying when I first got it - the hinge squeaked. Literally. Even with it unplugged, there was a squeak. Went away after a while though. About two feet.
  13. Ditto. I use a Netgear router and an AE card in my powerbook, no problem at all and I can get reception from about twenty feet outside the (brick) walls of the house.
  14. Got a Mighty Mouse today.. uberly cool, but the hinge is.. um.. squeaking.
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