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  1. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=8/22818533588.jpg&s=x1
  2. Theme: Milqu on Panther Wall: Minimal Clouds by DeviousDuo Icons: Iconbase and Powered Font: Bank Gothic Light
  3. Bank Gothic Light (found by googling)
  4. Theme: Milqu Wall: Enclina (found on aqua-soft) Icons: Samui/Iconbase/Misc.
  5. Theme: Niqu for Panther Wall: Pi by Seph Icons: Dock - Iconbase, Other - Samui
  6. Theme: Samui Wall: by Ultraman Icons: Iconbase Not safe for: Work
  7. Have you tried reinstallation? http://www.apple.com/quicktime/
  8. Theme = Samui Wall = From Samui pack Icons = Samui and some others
  9. Thanks susumu, they are awesome!
  10. nbn22385


    .guiKit format is for OS X only, applied through Shapeshifter. Might want to work on that thread tag .
  11. Theme: Ruler by Susumu Wall: Horizon by Duckfarm Icons: Minite and Milkanodized Featuring: My ugly car
  12. Look at an existing skin to see how it works.
  13. Theme: Milk (Powermetal apple menu button) DP: 07734 by Scott Jackson Icons: Minite (esXXI) and Milkanodized (rimshot) Preview c/o Snapshooter with border by me
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