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  1. This is the only program I miss a lot after switching to Mac.
  2. Beautiful design! You are definitively talented!
  3. I owe a lot to this forum and the members. There are so many great applications floating around here, and I visit once a week even though I finally switched to Mac a month ago.
  4. Thanks Vladimir for all your work. I haven't had time to install it yet, but it's great to see your contribution!
  5. Its quite cool. Like the effect! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Absolutely great work! Love your new dock. Kudos!!!
  7. But thankfully the 2.2 Safari compared to the 2.1 version, hasn't crashed on my Iphone... yet!
  8. I like it! Looks cool on the DT compared to the preview.
  9. There are so many talented designers here at Aqua Soft, so why not take advantage of that and create a job section? Currently I am looking for a designer for our website and software products, and my first thought was to find a designer here at Aqua Soft. There could be a seperate buy services / sell services section for example. I would definitively use it for my projects!
  10. Absolutely beautiful. Microsoft should hire you in their graphical devision for the next version of Windows!
  11. Cool little utility. I always want to leave some space from my taskbar (on top) to the program I am running, so I see a small part of the desktop behind. Many thanks, schmrom.
  12. Pretty sure that FXhome VisionLab Studio has been involved in the production as well...
  13. Wow! Really gordious!
  14. Wow, you should really stick around some more. This is one of the best forums on the net and you find more eyecandy stuff here than anywhere else...
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